Thursday, 08.08.

  1. Moonshine Jar (Vranje)
  2. Two stroke engine (Knjaževac)
  3. Moon (Šabac)
  4. Cotton Pickers (Mladenovac)

Friday, 09. 08.

  1. AXIS (Kladovo)
  2. Soulshine Blues Band (Novi Sad)
  3. Lole & Radio blues Band (Beograd)
  4. Love Hunters (Novi Sad)

Saturday, 10. 08.

  1. Keni Nije Mrtav (Beograd)
  2. Soul Steamers (Pančevo)
  3. Gospodin Pinokio (Niš)
  4. Wild Side (Niš)

Sunday, 11. 08.

  1. Rusty strings (Pirot)
  2. Loup-Garou (Beograd)
  3. Baobab (Arilje)
  4. Pilot blues band (Valjevo)

Air Stage

Follow up program – The Fortress Water Gate


Air stage near the Water Gate at the southeast bulwark of the Fortress is dedicated to progressive music. For this stage, a pass is not required, but with it – you will have free internet access.

Air stage is positioned in such a way to offer the best view of the city. High up, “in the air”, it allows you to admire the cityscape and the river, glowing under the nightlights.

The program begins at 8p.m. and finishes sometime after midnight.

Air stage has hosted many musicians and bands dedicated to preserving the progressive feel of their music.

The audience area is equipped with video walls, information desk and a refreshment bar.

The capacity in front of the stage is 100 seats, and there is also standing room for 1,000 people.

Parter ispred pozornice broji ukupno 100 mesta za sedenje i 1.000 mesta za stajanje.


  018 533 022
Dušanova 19, Niš 18 000



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