Striporama Fest 2017 - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Striporama 2018 – International festival of comics and popular culture

Striporama 2017 (International festival of comics and popular culture) will include the signings of the official festival portfolio, public interviews, exhibitions, workshops, promotions of the newest comics editions and the comic book market.

One significant part of the festival will be dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of the first number of the Dylan Dog comic book series in Serbia. The guest of the festival will be editor-in-chief of “Dilan Dog”- Roberto Recchioni.

The editors of the Serbian edition of Dylan Dog- Marko Šelić Marčelo and Dušan Mladenović (publishing house Veseli Četvrtak) will also join Striporama 2017, and promote a book dedicated to this character, prepared especially for this occasion.

During “Striporama” the youngest artists will be welcomed in the School of comics.

Guests of “Striporama” will represent the most influential schools of comics – American, French, Italian and Japanese. One of the festival`s guests will be another star of the Italian comic book market – Emiliano Mammucari (publisher Sergio Bonelli Editore), co-author of the series “Orphans”. He will be followed by Bojan Vukić, artist of the French comic books publishing giant Delcourt, also Igor Kordej, one of the most appreciated European comic book artists at the moment, the Bulgarian comic scene talents- Todor Hristov and Diana Naneva, Serbian drawing crew- Velibor Stanojević (Well-Bee), Jelena Djordjević and Jana Adamović, Boban Savić Geto- one of the most influential Serbian modern illustrators, and Enis Čišić from Sarajevo- whose career includes works on legendary franchise such as “Marvel`s Avengers.

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