Nisville Oldtajmers Festival - Nišville and Society of Motoring Historians
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Nisville Old-timer Fest


Society of Motoring Historians officially registered on 12 September 2001. Abbreviation in Serbian is UIA. Main activities of the Society are: research on automotive history in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia, writing books and articles for specialized magazines, organization of exhibitions, cooperation with other automotive historians, museums, archives, taking active participation in automotive events, etc.

The first book made by one of the founders of the UIA, although two years before the foundation, was the book on the famous First international car and motorcycle races held in Belgrade on 3 September 1939, with Tazio Nuvolari in Auto-Union winner of the Grand Prix car race. In April 2003, UIA had successful presentation of several stories from the Serbian automotive history at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade and later in September prepared exhibition at the Belgrade fair during the celebration of the 100 years of the first car in Belgrade. In April 2004 there was another participation at the regular Belgrade automobile fair.

In 2005 UIA took part at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of production of the famous “Fića”, based on the Fiat 600, small car which from the 1955 meant a lot for many Yugoslavian families. We presented two stories – one on automotive history in Kragujevac, town were the “Fića” factory was, the other on the beginning of the “Fića” production. The event was very successful with participation of around 200 small “Fića” cars from Serbia and other countries..

We had in 2007 The first annual meeting with short presentations of topics from Serbian automotive history and classic car event. From that year there were eleven events in which we presented 75 historical topics from Serbian motorization with guests from Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania.

In 2010 we also we organized the first and only so far meeting of the automotive historians from Balkan and surrounding countries. We met our colleagues from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. In the following years we have exchanged a lot of interesting information, photographs and facts.

UIA also organized six times till now annual meeting „Hanging out with Fića” in cooperation with Museum of Yugoslavia in their space. Two years ago we celebrate the 60th anniversary of production of Serbian national vehicle.

Books written and published by UIA members:

  1. The first Belgrade’s auto and moto races on September 3rd 1939 – by Nebojša Đorđević

  2. Automobiles in Knjaževac town 1920-1970 – by Aleksandar Vidojković and Nikola Vučković

  3. The Belgrade Grand Prix 1967-1969 – by Nebojša Đorđević

  4. Automobiles in Knjaževac town 1920-1970 – by Aleksandar Vidojković (second edition)

  5. Automobiles and Royal family Karađorđević 1908-1941– by Miroslav Milutinović

  6. Automobiles and Josip Broz Tito – by Miroslav Milutinović and

  7. The first motor car in Belgrade – by Vladimir Veselinović

There are few more books which are prepared and should be published soon – History of trams in Belgrade, History of motorcycle racing in Serbia until 1941, Register of Motor Vehicles in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Lexicon of Serbian motorisation, The legend vehicle „Fića” and others.

The greatest success abroad was the participation in First European Conference of motoring history societies in Mulhouse in France on 27 and 28 may this year, with participation of 80 delegates from 11 countries ( Netherland, Great Britain, United States of America, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Serbia…).


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  Dušanova 19, Niš 180 000



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