Kristina Stage - Nišville Jazz Festival 2023 | Silent Movies with Piano Cover
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From 10. to 13. 08. 2023. – 19:30h

Thursday, August 10, 2023.

19:30h Pianist – Vladimir Jelenković 001 Charlie Chaplin’s The Champion – 1915 Duration: 00:30:16

Film – THE MAN WHO WAS ABANDONED BY GOD Country: Tunisia Director: Hamda Dhaouadi Duration: 00:30:00

20:40h Pianist – Katarina Ranković 022 The Goat – 1921 – Buster Keaton’s Duration: 00:23.14′

Film – RED-STAINED RIBBONS Country: Portugal Director: Gabriela Socorro Duration: 00:30:00

21:45h Pianist – Vuk Petrović Santa Claus Duration: 00:28:24’

Film – EMPLOYER OF INVISIBLE CREATURES Country: Russian Federation Director: Alexander Abramov Duration: 00:38:12

23:00h Pianist – Marija Antunović CONVICT 13 Duration: 00:20:18

BONUS FILM (for the end)

STRIE Country: Italy Director: Giorgio Barchetti Duration: 00:47.11

Friday, August 11, 2023.

19:30h Pianist – Katarina Ranković 035 A Natural Born Gambler – 1916 Duration: 00:23:00

Film – I FEEL LONELY Country: Bulgaria Director: Alexander Tomov Jr. Duration: 00:33:49

20:30h Pianist – Vuk Petrović 031 Spanking Breezes – 1926 – starring Alice Day Duration: 00:20:00

Film – ART FROM THE STREETS Country: Brazil Director: Cariolando dos Santos Duration: 00:30:00

21:30h Pianist – Marija Antunović 060 Buster Keaton’s – The Play House – 1921 Duration: 00:22:30

Film – OZYMANDIAS Country: Austria Director: Markus Sepperer Duration: 00:32:14

22:30 Pianist – Vladimir Jelenković Lady of the Night Monta Bell Duration: 00:24.00

BONUS FILM (for the end) DEATH AT WORK Country: Russia Director: Peter Markichev Duration: 00:43:10

Saturday, August 12, 2023.

19:30h Pianist – Marija Antunović 041 Charlie Chaplin’s – The Vagabond – 1916 Duration: 00:26:00

Film – HE STARS OF THE UNTOUCHED SKIES AND THE LIGHTS OF THE STARS THAT DEFY ALL THE TIMES Country: Turkey Director: Süleyman Eskiocak Duration: 00:30:00

20:30h Pianist – Vladimir Jelenković West of Hot Dog Duration: 00:30:34

Film – RELEASD, IN THE PRESSURE ZONE Country: Iran Director: Hashemyan Homaun Duration: 00:33:09

21:40h Pianist – Katarina Ranković Sunday Calm 1923 Our Gang Silent Film Duration: 00:28:24

Film – VALERIA Country: Russian Federation Director: Olga Khorev Duration: 00:30:00

22:45h Pianist – Vuk Petrović Back Stage Our Gang Silent 1923 Duration: 00:21:57

BONUS FILM (for the end) SOMETHING STILL BURNS Country: Italy Director: Daniele Gangemi Duration: 01:02:00

Sunday, August 13, 2023.

19:30h Pianist – Vuk Petrović 046 Buster Keaton’s – My Wife’s Relations – 1922 Duration: 00:24:00

Film – GOLDEN CARPET Country: Iran Director: Ehsan Rajabloo Duration: 00:29:30

20:30h Pianist – Katarina Ranković 038 Charlie Chaplin’s – The Pawnshop – 1916 Duration: 00:25:00

Film – URBAN EMOTIONS Country: China Director: Alex Dao Duration: 00:30:00

21:30h Pianist – Vladimir Jelenković Never Weaken Duration: 00:28:22

EMPLOYER OF INVISIBLE CREATURES Country: Russian Federation Director: Alexander Abramov Duration: 00:38:12

22:45h Pianist – Marija Antunović Charlie Chaplin’s “The Adventurer” (1917) Duration: 00:23:16

BONUS FILM (for the end) CANNABIS SETS YOU FREE Country: Slovenia Director: Miha Čelar Duration: 01:21:17

Kristina Stage

Follow up program – The open area near the Alpine Club in the Fortress

Stage Christine is an old-fashioned type of cinema dedicated to piano music and silent movies. The stage has hosted some of the finest pianists, accompanying the gems of the silent-movie era.
It is positioned in the open area behind the Alpine Club in the Fortress in the deep shade of old trees. The audience area is equipped with an information desk and a refreshment bar, and has 50 seats and a lot of standing room. Free entrance!
The program starts at 8 p.m. and finishes sometime before midnight.