FAQ - EN - Nisville Jazz Festival
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1. When will the festival be held this year?

The Nisville Jazz Festival is traditionally held in Fortress of Nish. This year the program starts on August 07th with a main program being held from 13 to 16 August.

2. How many stage will this year be at the festival?

20 stages.

3. Where is Niš?

Niš is the largest city in southeastern Serbia,  240.96 km sauth of Serbian capital city Belgrade and 162.06 km west of Bulgarian capital city Sofia.

4. How to get to Nisville Jazz Festival?

You can reach Nis by bus, car, plane or train.

5. How to get to the festival location best?

The festival is located in the immediate vicinity of the center of Nis. Depending on where you are located, you can walk or use taxi or bus.

6. What types of accommodation exist during the festival?

There are numerous hotels and hostels available for you during the Festival. Check the link below:


7. What is the way the festival’s payment method?

Within the festival location, food, drinks, souvenirs and other activities can be paid solely by CASH.

8. What to do with personal belongings on the festival?

Nis is in the continental climate zone, with hot summer days and breezy nights. We recommend a light jacket for the evening hours.

9. What can not be allotted to the festival location?

For the sake of your safety, the Festival has introduced a general rulebook that defines which items should not be brouhgt in:

Drugs and other opiates

Weapon Professional cameras without authorization – every photo and video will be considered as the property of the Nisville Jazz Festival, and the author must submit it to the festival

Alcohol and drinks purchased outside the festival location Food purchased outside the festival location Bottles and cans Musical instruments



Lasers Balls

10. What is the age limit to enter the Festival?

All ages are welcome.

11. Who plays at the Nisville Jazz Festival 2019?

Malina Moye, Maceo Parker… Please refer to our LINEUP page

12. How to buy tickets for Nisville Jazz Festival?

You can purchase tickets for the Nisville Jazz Festival 2019 on the tickets.rs portal with the home delivery option in Serbia

13. What stages are free at Nisville Jazz Festivals 2019?
Every stage except for main stage – Earth & Sky.

14. Can I buy food at the festival?
The Nisville Jazz Festival has a Food Corner – you can buy food and drinks.

Festival Info

General Terms and Conditions

The festival officially starts on August 3 at 7 pm and ends on August 11 at 5 am
The gates of the festival open every day at 6 pm
You can only enter a festival with a festival card or a bracelet
Tickets can be exchanged for bracelets every day from 3 to 11 August in the period from 6pm to 12am
Tickets can not be refunded

Entry to the festival is allowed for people of all ages.

For people with disabilities a special entrance is provided. Escort is advised.

Nisville Jazz Festival is not responsible for eventual loss of items at the festival location or injuries at the festival venue.

Be aware:

Strong lasers can damage your eyesight
Loud music can damage hearing

Official security can escort you of the festival venue anytime for brakeing the festival rules.

Violence or threats by individuals will be sanctioned by immediately stripping the festival bracelet and permanently removing from the festival location

Be advised:

Be careful of people around you

Drink plenty of water and enjoy food on Food Corner.

The incitement to racism and hate speech is not allowed and will be sanctioned by instantly stripping the festival bracelet and permanently moving away from the festival location

Strictly forbidden possession and use of narcotic drugs

The use and possession of any narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited inside and outside the festival site.
The introduction of any illegal substance to the event is strictly forbidden; anyone who violates the above rules will be prosecuted under the strictest legal measures. The security will not allow the entry of persons who come to the festival under the influence of any narcotic drug. The staff of the festival reserves the right to prohibit anyone from entering the festival. Be responsible and make smart decisions.

Security & First Aid

The Nisville Jazz Festival strives to provide a safe environment for all visitors, staff and performers. Public and private security and professional medical staff is present at all our events. If you need help, please seek out a medical or first aid tent, or contact one of the staff at the festival.

Festival bracelets

Take care of your bracelets. Bracelets are very strong and resistant, but not indestructible. Eventual loss, damage or improper use of the festival bracelet will require the purchase of a new (without exception).


  018 533 022
Dušanova 19, Niš 18 000



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