Nisville International Jazz Festival with you since 1995.
Nisville is an International Jazz Festival in Serbia
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Nisville Jazz Festival 04-13. August 2023.

Earth and Sky 2023. – 10-13. 08. 2023.



Great chance to take! Find out what can you expect from International Nisville Jazz Festival 2023.

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main program: from 10th of August to 13th of August

Nisville Jazz Festival 2023 Program Nisville Jazz Festival 2023 Program

THURSDAY, 10.08.

19:30 – 02:00

19:30 – 20:20: SPICH Project Orchestra (Earth)

20:30 – 21:20: Mauro Sigura Quartet with Luca Aquino (Sky)

21:30 – 22:20: Dragomir Milenković Joga i Hazari feat. Bata Kanda (Earth)

22:40 – 23:40: Roberto Fonseca: La Gran Diversion (Sky)

23:50 – 01:00: Dubioza Kolektiv (Earth)

01:00 – 01:50: Pulkes (Sky)

FRIDAY, 11.08.

19:30 – 02:30

19:30 – 20:20: Dušan Petrović Oktet (Sky)

20:30 – 21:20: Kuhn Fu (Earth)

21:30 – 22:30: Alma Mićić Band feat. Gregory Hutchinson (Sky)

22:40 – 23:40: Theodosi Spasov No Keys Trio (Earth)

23:50 – 01:00: Ida Nielsen and The Funkbots (Sky)

01:00 – 01:50: Tantfreaky (Earth)

SATURDAY, 12.08.

19:30 – 02:30

19:30 – 20:20: Motel Kaiju (Earth)

20:30 – 21:20: Bojan Cvetković Quartet (Sky)

21:30 – 22:20: Brekky Boy (Earth)

22:30 – 23:40: EuroCubans (Sky)

23:50 – 01:00: Asian Dub Foundation (Earth)

01:00 – 02:00: Jazz Punt Big Band (Sky)

SUNDAY, 13. 08.

19:30 –02:00

19:30 – 20:20: Mateja Jezdić Band (Earth)

20:30 – 21:20: Austrian Syndicate (Sky)

21:30 – 22:30: Al-Quasar (Earth)

22:40 – 23:40: Thana Alexa with Antonio Sanchez (Sky)

23:50 – 01:00: Tricky (Earth)

01:00 – 01:50: The Best of Balkan Brass (Sky)

*there could be small changes in the lineup

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The International Nisville Jazz Festival – the most visited jazz festival in Southeast Europe, since its founding in 1995, has consistently defended the European values of multiculturalism and patiently nurtured the refined musical taste of individuals. Confirmation of this is, among other things, the text about the festival “Nishville – European Face Of Serbia” (“Nishville – European Face Of Serbia”) published in the European Union, the magazine “New Europe” published in Brussels, as well as the text in the prestigious British Guardian from 2016, where Nishville was included in the 10 best jazz festivals in Europe!

The main program of the festival is held in the open space of the Plateau of Nis Fortress, on two stages – Earth & amp; Sky stage, and many quality domestic and foreign performers perform on stages that are free for the audience: River, Open, Air, Hip Hop, Midnight Jazzdance, Movie, Jazz For Kids, Welcome, Youth, Jazz Museum stage, Kristina stage, etc.

From the beginning, the concept of the festival, except for the “more traditional” forms of jazz, was based primarily on the fusion of this direction with the ethno traditions of different parts of the world, especially the Balkans. The most famous jazz magazine in the world, the American “Downbeat” in an extensive review of the festival in 2008 rated Nisville as a festival that in the best possible way simultaneously promotes jazz as a direction created on the American continent, the musical tradition of the Balkans, but especially the combination of the two styles. Nishville has greatly contributed to the presentation of Balkan music as a new world trend.

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