Komplet za Nišville 2023 po ceni pojedinačne ulaznice!
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Ticket sales for Nišville 2023 at promotional price begin!

Ticket sales for Nišville 2023 at promotional price begin!

Ticket sales for Nišville 2023 at promotional price begin!

A complete set of tickets for Nišville 2023 at the price of a single ticket!

On Friday, February 10th, 2023, exactly six months before the start of the main program of the upcoming international Nišville jazz festival, the pre-sale of Complete tickets for Nišville 2023 will start, which will be held from August 10th to 13th, 2023 in Niš. The promotional price of the complete set for the main festival program for 25 concerts in the central festival venue (Earth & Sky stage – Plato of the Niš fortress) is 2,500 dinars for the parterre and side stands, and this price will only apply to the first 500 complete ticket sets! This means that the quickest and most loyal festival followers will have the opportunity to attend 25 top concerts for only 100 dinars per performance!

Otherwise, the daily ticket for Nišville 2023 will cost 2,500 dinars directly before the festival, so the most loyal audience, by buying the promotional complete set in the first stage of pre-sale, will be able to attend all Nišville programs at the price of a single ticket!

For the ten days of the festival’s total duration from August 4th to 13th, 2023 (including Nišville Jazz Theater, Nišville Movie Summit, and other accompanying programs), over 300 programs will be performed on 20 stages and the participation of over 1,000 performers is expected!

From February 10th, Complete tickets for Nišville 2023 can be purchased at all Ticket Vision sales points in Serbia and abroad, as well as through online sales at www.tickets.rs

Sales locations https://www.tickets.rs/partners






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