This year Nisville celebrates “International Jazz Day”in accordance with the new situation!

Nišville jazz festival will traditionally celebrate „International Jazz Day“ on Thursday, 30. of April, but this time more modest, in accordance with the new situation due to „Covid19“ virus pandemic. 

We won’t have the matinee concerts in Niš during day on The Nišville Jazz Museum stage and jam session play in the evening in Feedback club as we and the audience are used to, unfortunately we can’t send the bands to perform in the other Serbian cities nor the other countries like in the past years now, but we will have a mini concert by „International JAIN Nišville Jazz Band“ on 30. April at 13:00 in The Nišville Jazz Museum big room with the instruments, which you’ll be able to watch over live streaming at our official site, directly at

We wish you good health and don’t forget: good music can very often be the best medicine!

See you on Thursday, 30. April at 13:00h.

All the Best!

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