Teodosi Spasov at Nišville! - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Teodosi Spasov at Nišville!

Teodosi Spasov at Nišville!

Ethno Jazz Magic at Niš Fortress!

Teodosi Spasov at Nišville!

Teodosi Spasov (1961), the renowned Bulgarian kaval player, will perform in the main program of this year’s Nišville Jazz Festival with his “No Keys” trio on Friday, August 11, 2023, at the Niš Fortress plateau.

As the most famous world artist on the traditional Balkan instrument – kaval (shepherd’s flute), Spasov has been at the forefront of the global “world music” scene for many years and holds the status of a national artist in his native Bulgaria. He has released over 20 solo albums and has showcased his magnificent talent and compositional and playing skills by creating soundtracks for prestigious Bulgarian and international films.

Throughout his rich four-decade-long career, Teodosi Spasov has transcended the boundaries of traditional Bulgarian music and delved into jazz, playing with tremendous fluidity and inventiveness. His list of collaborations and performances with renowned global giants is truly impressive, including Dave Liebman, Glen Moore, Billy Cobham, Marc Johnson, Riverdance, Vlatko Stefanovski, Miroslav Tadić, London Symphony Orchestra, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Ivo Papazov, Milcho Leviev, Yıldız İbrahimova, and others.

“There is an art that reaches directly into the heart and emotions and, if it has power, elevates them. Many are called, but few are chosen to create music for the soul. Among the chosen of Fate is Teodosi Spasov. His music is defined as otherworldly and cosmic. The artist, musician, composer, Teodosi Spasov, with his ‘No Keys’ trio, finds that magical way to take us on a long journey within ourselves, delving deeper into our roots.” (Sergej Šišov)

Teodosi Spasov has previously captivated the audience in Niš with virtuosic performances at Nišville a couple of decades ago, at the Dom Vojske venue. The most memorable experiences in the twenty-nine-year history of Nišville include his performances on the Summer Stage at the Fortress in 2006 as part of the international world music project “Mediteraneo,” led by the celebrated drummer Billy Cobham, and in 2008 at the same venue as a special guest at the concert of the Egyptian-Dutch ethno jazz ensemble “Tharana.”

After a wide range of collaborations with globally recognized world music and jazz performers, Teodosi Spasov’s new project with his “No Keys” trio brings us an authentic and fundamental Balkan ethno jazz story live, supported by the magical sounds of Spasov on kaval and the exceptional drummer Načo Gospodinov and the brilliant bassist Aleksandar Lekov, seasoned jazz musicians with a highly respectable studio and concert experience, having played with many significant jazz musicians from the Balkan and global music scene.

We would like to remind you that Full Festival Passes for Nišville 2023 are available at the promotional price of only 3,000 RSD until June 10, 2023! Tickets can be purchased at all sales points in the tickets.rs sales network or online via the following link: [link to the ticket purchase page].

[Links to the YouTube video, Teodosi Spasov’s official website, and Facebook page]

Photo: Donchev Photography / RE Classical

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