Nišville Movie Summit 2019 EN - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Nišville Movie Summit 2019 EN

Nišville Movie Summit

Nišville Movie Summit represents a counterbalance to the drab reality of the every-day, mainstream cinema, in which there is no room for documentaries, experimental pictures, musicals or music-inspired films.

Nišville Movie Summit was conceived with the idea to nurture the secret bond between film and jazz as the classical music of the XX century. The unique fusion of jazz and other art forms is characterized by an underlying idea – finding and preserving personal freedom through an intimate process of creative imagination.

The non-competitive section of the program takes place at the Open-air cinema, next to the Weather station in the Fortress; Drive-in Movie Nišville is located on the car market (this section is reserved for blockbuster musicals and the latest productions; the Military officers’ club garden shows carefully picked feature films and the Amphitheatre cinema on the Nishava quay shows documentaries and experimental movies. The Moveable cinema offers a wide variety of animated and children’s films, while the Atelier cinema (in the Fortress) shows films about famous artists.

In addition to new cinema locations, Nišville also has two well-known ones: near the Alpine club in the Fortress (also known as the Stage Christine – in honor of a cult Serbian movie – The Marathon Family, in which Christina plays the piano in a silent movie theater) for silent pictures with live piano accompaniment and Movie Scene – near Salon 77 Gallery, dedicated to environmental movies.


  018 533 022
Dušanova 19, Niš 18 000



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