Nisville Jazz Theater Festival 2022 - Content and Program -
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Nisville Jazz Theater Festival 2022 – Content and Program


Main program from the 5th to 8th of August 2022.

FRIDAY, 05.08.

19h Officers Club, Opening of Festival



From Lidija Antonović, Serbia

About the author:

Lidija Antonović was born in 1984 in Belgrade. Graduated photography at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade,  after MA in Fine Arts, Academy of Arts Belgrade (2018). Light Design Certificate for Master MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Amsterdam). Freelance artist ULUPUDS – Association of Fine Artists, Applied Artists, and Designers of Serbia since 2010. She has exhibited at 23 solo and 38 group exhibitions of photography in Belgrade, cities in Serbia, and abroad, where she won awards and recognitions in the field of theater photography. Performer of interdisciplinary projects. Lidija has been working as an art photographer for 14 years. Associate photographer of Bitef Festival / Bitef Polyphony, Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia, Mimart Theater, Photo Team Warehouse, etc.

About the theater:

Street theater is always a challenge for framing because it is created on the spot. The performance depends on the ambiance and the audience, just like jazz improvisation. The contemporary theater is created at the time of performance, and photography captures those moments.

19:30h Officers Club


Documentary movie about sexism in conversation with Mirjana Karanovic


Creators: Branislava Jovanović and Maja Mitić

Director: Maja Mitić 

Camera: Marija Momić and Bojan Marojević

Montage: Darko Ković

Sound recording & design: Filip Tančić

Original music: Nebojša Vojvodić

Producer: Branislava Jovanović

About New Network:

The mission of the Association New network is to strengthen civil society through culture, education, media, promotion of democracy and human rights. The New network was founded in 2014. in Nis, south of Serbia and brings together experts of various prefessions and educational profiles: journalists, sociologists, psychologists, artists… The narrower field of action is gender equality and the fight against sexism in the media and everyday life and the education of journalists, students and activists in these areas, as well as the empowerment of women and men 65+ within the “Initiative for Healthy and Creative Aging” which was launched in 2020 . In the production of the New Network, documentary and documentary films were created, as well as performances that were shown at media, feminist and theater festivals in the region and the world.

20:30h From Jazz Museum, bridge to amphiteater on Nisava


Mimart THEATER from Belgrade, Serbia

Concept: Nela Antonović


  • Ivana Koraksić
  • Marina Bukvički
  • Lidija Antonović
  • Mina Ćirić

Design of costumes and masks: Anđelija Marković

Design of sound: Predrag Radovančević

About the troupe:

“Theater MIMART” is one of the first alternative, interdisciplinary research theaters in ex-Yugoslavia, which was established in 1984th in Belgrade, and whose founder and artistic director is Nela Antonović, who researches creativity of freedom of movement and non-verbal communication. The experience of a scientific researcher she transfering to the theater and explores the boundaries of the theater from an extra-theatrical point of view with the author’s method. The focus of the work is on the phenomena of society. Mimart’s production is 70 theater performances, around 500 Art performances and street theater performances, and 1000 workshops on the Mimart method so far.

About the performance:

“Vatralj” (Coal shovel) – Theater performance is a synergetic story of the artists that connects the remnants of archetypes of cults and rituals related to fire, customs that have survived to this day, through the prism of contemporary art. Fire, as an anthropological and mystical-religious phenomenon, as a means of transformation, is a powerful initiator of the concept of performance as a celebration of the game. Vatralj (Coal shovel) is an old term for a device that maintains fire.

22h Amphitheater on Nisava



Pro contra theater, Nis Serbia

Director: Miloš Cvetković

Choreographer: Danica Ničić

Dancers: Danica Ničić, Anđelija Ćulibrk, Anja Tonsa Milovanović, Atina Vasović, Željko Tasić, Dušan Petrović, Petar Ščepihin, Aleksa Stojiljković, Nikita Kostić

Musicians: Nenad Tančić, Predrag Branković, Goran Savić, Aleksandar Stevanović,Marijan Cvetanović, Nikola Stanojević, Filip Stipsić

About the performance:

Overcoming obstacles as an even greater incentive to continue on one’s own path and striving for the ideal image of success is a power that is within each of us. It is up to us to use that power when we find ourselves in difficult situations, faced with challenges that drag us back to the beginning.

About the troupe:

‘Contra theater’ is a troupe made up of dancers from the dance studio ‘Contra’ and the ‘Teatar band’. It was created during joint work on a musical, realizing that together they could try their hand at creating a music and dance spectacle. In addition to having many years of experience in music, as well as the art of dance, one of the qualities of this group is that it was started as a ‘local’ idea, with the aim of further uniting artists from Niš with other fields of art.

SATURDAY, 06.08.

20:30h Amphitheater on Nisava


Performance from Unfromal group, MKC Skopje: Organizacijata, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia


  • Lukov – Stefan Vujisić
  • Fezliev- Aleksandar Mihajlovski
  • Ivan – Vladimir Petrović
  • Metodi – Goran Nikov
  • Mladichot – Nenad Anđelković
  • Neda – Sanja Arsovska / Emilja Micevska Trajković
  • Hristov – Pavle Dimkovski

Idea & Director: Jordan Simonov

Assistant Director: Viktor Ruben

Set & Costume Design: Ilina Angelovska

Video: Milan Blazhevski, Boris Takovski

Video operator: Kire Donev

Sound Design: Baze Jovanovski, Nenad Trifunovski

Music and adaptation: Darko Dimitrieski and Pavle Dimkovski (Zad Agolot)

Light Design: Ilija Tarchugovski, Erik Omeragic

Graphic Design: Bisera Mihajlovska

Photography: Kire Galevski

About the performance: 

Crnila Remix” (Darkness Remix) presents a different view of the classical drama written by Kole  Chashule. Chashule is one of the most important Macedonian theater writers, publicists, revolutionary; that participated in World War II- a politician, and a diplomat. His original drama, “Crnila” focuses on the  assassination of Gjorche Petrov- a historian, a professor, and one of the most important Macedonian  ideologists, seen by his own countrymen. Chashule is the first author that courageously spoke about the  betrayal of the Macedonian people against their own fellow countrymen, and the first that spoke  wrongly against its own ideals. The death of Gjorche Petrov whilst serving his country was due to  personal and corruptive interests, and it became a symbol of darkness in the Macedonian history. 

“Crnila remix” is a modern view on this event, placed in the context of an urban hip hop album. The  whole performance lies on an unusual approach with very specific acting (rapping), where the original  text is sung on tracks by “Zad Agolot” (one of the most popular hip hop bands in Macedonia.) This  performance is sublime between classical theater drama, and the hip hop subculture. It is the first, and  for now the only hip hop theater performance performed in the region.

22h Stage Belgrade Gate in Fortress



DUO – Emiliya Radicheva & Karina-Velislava Somnoeva, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Emiliya Redicheva
  • Karina-Velislava Somnoeva

Management: Pavlina Velichkova (New Bulgarian University)

About the performance:

Sand is a need, a vision, or an unknown feeling.

Sand is a loose granular substance, typically pale yellowish brown…. By occupying different forms, sand is the perfect example of how many separate particles, not glued together and not forced to sit together, create a whole. Sand can be formed and transported by air and water and people.

Sand can run through your fingers. Sand can be rough sometimes. Sand can measure your time… Grain by grain…

About the authors:

Emiliya Radicheva is currently studying theatre of movement – dance theatre at the “National academy of theatre and film art” in Sofia, Bulgaria. She started her career as a rhythmic gymnast competing for the Bulgarian and Turkish national teams. After sport she became part of “National art” dance company and later she continued her development in theatre and contemporary dance, taking part in various projects.


Karina-Velislava Somnoeva is studying Theatre directing in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov”. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria she is 21 years old. As a former rhythmic gymnast, she combines her love for theater and movement. Immersed in the field of arts, she explores the techniques of dance theater and contemporary dance.

SUNDAY, 07.08.

20:30h Amphitheater on Nisava



Teatar Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas de Calais

Lille, France

Designer and Director: Amélie Poirier
Dramaturgical advice: Dinaïg Stall and Lyly Chartiez
Construction: Audrey Robin
Lighting: Henri-Emmanuel Doublier
Set design: Philémon Vanorlé
Sound creation: Mariane Berthault
Performers: Clémentine Vanlerberghe or Amélie Poirier, Mariane Berthault
and Audrey Robin
Tour manager: Clair Girod

About performance:

In a scenographic space that is constructed in real-time, this performance celebrates an unusual material: sticky tape. The three members of a feminist rock group construct a new participatory habitat on the stage. They unroll and follow the tape, tracing graphic lines and defining spaces within a circular layout. Unpredictable and erratic, the sticky tape even spreads to the performers’ bodies, revealing an invisible relational fabric. Their combined sounds invite the audience to reflect on the notions of shelter, metamorphosis, and sharing. 

About the troupe:

Created in 2016 in North Of France, and thus named in the manner of a Dada farce – they present the work of Amélie Poirier. A director that works and create in the disorderly, who navigates permanently between dance, theatre and puppetry. The shows for young audiences by the company DADAAA (2019) and SCOOOOTCH! (2021) are regularly presented in France and abroad.

22H Green Stage (behiend the monument of Milan Obrenović)


DAH Theater, Belgrade, Serbia

Performers: Vladimir Čubrilo, Đurđija Jelenković, Ivana Milenović Popović, Djordje Kocic,  Ivan Nikolić, Miona Petrović, Zoran Vasiljević 

Direction and Dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević i Jadranka Anđelić 

Music: Ivana Stefanović 

Electronic: Dragan Mitrić

Voices: Ivana Milenović Popović, Ivan Nikolić, Neša Paripović, Miona Petrović, Milan Popović, Vid Popović, Aleksandar Vasiljević, Andrija Vasiljević, Zoran Vasiljević

Vocal: Ljubica Damčević

Design of sound: Zoran Jerković 

Video, animation, mapping: Jelena Rubil

Custome: Ivana Samolov

Object of doll: Snežana Arnautović

Design of light: Milomir Dimitrijević, Radovan Samolov 

Organization & Production: Nataša Novaković, Milica Petrović

Director’s Assistants: Rumena Šopova, Ana Bošković

Tehnical production: Milomir Dimitrijević, Radovan Samolov 

Photography: Djordje Tomić

Graphic design: Škart 

About performance:

Dancing Trees is a site-specific dance theatre show created in collaboration with the Belgrade Dance Institute, which explores the importance of tree preservation. The show engages 7 performers, with the original music, and it aims to sensitize the audience and encourage initiatives in defense against excessive tree felling. The performance uses poetry and the magical world of trees that have their “life”, interwoven with memory, communication, care for the young, and breathing that releases oxygen – so necessary for human survival. But also the worrying information about the tees cutting.  One of the initial inspirations is the book by German forest engineer Peter Wohlleben, “The Hidden Life of the Trees”, together with other sources and research.

About the troupe:

DAH Theatre Center for Culture and Social Change is an independent, professional, contemporary theatre troupe and artistic collective that uses modern theatre techniques to create engaging art and initiate positive social change, both locally and globally. DAH Theatre uses methods of devised theatre, while its productions develop on the crossroads between theatre, dance, and visual arts. Starting with a problem or a theme, continuing through research and elaborate rehearsal process, DAH Theatre productions are the result of a long-term creative process. DAH Theatre develops highly artistic plays with the vision of nurturing a non-violent and tolerant society.

MONDAY, 08.08.

20:30h Amphitheater on Nisava



LaMama NYC in cooperation with Atelje 212 Belgrade, Qendra Multimedia Priština


Writen by: Jeton Neziraj 

Directed by: Blerta Neziraj

Dramaturges: Dimitrije Kokanov, Zishan Ugurlu

Performers: Svetozar Cvetković, Ema Andrea, George Drance, Eugene the Poogene, Valois Mickens, Mattie Barber-Bockelman, Ivan Mihailović, Matt Nasser, Verona Koxha, Adrian Morina 

Composer: Gabriele Marangoni 

Costumes: Gabriel Berry 

Stage design: Marija Kalabić 

Choreographer: Gjergj Prevazi 

Visual and light concept: Nico de Rooij 

Producer: Beka Vučo

Production coordinator: Maud Dinand 

Lighting: Yann Perregaux 

Assistant director: Gëzim Hasani 

Translator: Alexandra Channer 

Production manager: Kushtrim Sheremeti

Technical support: Mentor Berisha 

Sound design: Damiano Meacci / Tempo Reale Assistant

Costume designer: Flaka Rrustemi 

Video: Ilir Gjocaj 

Tour Manager : Dejan Jovanović

About the performance:

 The Saga of a Balkan Family is based on Aeschylus’ trilogy The Oresteia. As an avatar of the modern world, Agamemnon returns triumphant from the battlefield, having reduced the enemy city to ashes. This is the bedrock of this play, which, with black humor, touches on the very fabric of the Balkan temperament, traces the morbidity of the human soul and highlights the stupidity and naiveté of an era being built on the foundations of violence, intolerance and hatred. The characters surrender to fate and nearly unconsciously fall into the trap of discontent and destruction. It’s this vein of destruction that seduces as death seduces life. Balkan Bordello is an epic opera about traumatized societies that eat themselves. It confronts us with war as a machinery of destruction where life and normalcy capitulate in the face of humans’ infidelities and evils. Democracy cannot be taken for granted. The battle for it must be ongoing. Any fluctuation from this goal gives way to ghosts of war, abusers of power and autocrats who see the fate of the societies they rule as a game of Russian roulette. The same examples we had yesterday, we still have today. Balkan Bordello is an epic tale of the age of insanity we are currently living in.

About the troupe:

BALKAN BORDELLO A trans-Atlantic theatrical project between USA, Kosovo, and Serbia.

LaMaMa Theatre, New York, in cooperation with Qendra Multimedia, Prishtina, My Balkans  Belgrade, New York, and Theater Atelje 212, Belgrade

22h Stage Belgrade Gate in Fortress



CIRK Teatar, Zagreb, Croatia

Creators: Lee Delong and Nikolina Majdak

Director: Lee Delong

Actress (the woman): Nikolina Majdak

Man in suit: Mario Miličić

Music: Lucija Stanojević

Design of light: Andrija Santro

Art design: Jasmina Dupalo

About the company CIRK POZOR:

Circus – Inspired Fringe theater Pozor

Cirk Pozor from Zagreb, Croatia is a fresh art organization founded in 2020 by Nikolina Majdak (performer) and Mario Miličić (visual artist). It combines the fields of theater, film, visual arts and circus, with the obligatory ingredient of their greatest passion: the street.

About the performance:

OBLIGATION is a non-verbal fantasy, which mixes clown, dance, movement, and object manipulation in the manner of new circus. It is an allegory of a real conflict that challenges all human life.

Inspired by “The Madwoman of Chaillot”, the visionary drama of Jean Giraudoux, OBLIGATION pits one lone woman against mass evil. Our heroine is the embodiment of innocence: fragile, child-like, pure. She battles a wicked force that is relentless without using a single spoken word. Movement is her language and her weapon. Her struggle crescendos as she attempts to stop the darkness that haunts the happy, vibrant world of her own creation. It is a conflict that is transferred from the external plane to the internal – human life.


from 09-10.August from 21h

TUESDAY, 09.08.

21h Welcome Stage – King Milan Square  in front of the Fortress/


Space for Encounters

Art of the Encounter

Visual-theatre performance and film The Art of Encounters, Marinka Limat and team

Fribourg, Switzerland 

Reprise 10,11,12,13 i 14.08  at 20:30h

Fribourg, Switzerland

About the performance:

Space for Encounters

Art of the Encounter

ESCALE is a space for the „Art of Encounter“, created by The Swiss artist Marinka Limat. A pavilion in form of a simple wooden structure serves as a stage for encounters and spontaneous interactions. The artist herself brings in a set of tools and rules to provoke encounters such as improvisations between performers, people, and musicians. 

About the artist:

Marinka Limat, Performance Artist

Encountering somebody you never met before can be art, claims Marinka Limat (*1983). In 2017 she took an art walk from Kassel to Athens, passing by also in Nis. Out of this experience, she developed „The Art of Encounter“, a practice of performative improvisation. Marinka Limat studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Berne and Berlin-Weissensee, she currently lives in Fribourg (Switzerland).


21h Christina Stage at Fortress



Katarina Rankovic and TIM, Belgrade, Serbia

Idea, concept, and direction: Katarina Ranković
Performers: Joana Knezevic, Aleksander Zain and Katarina Orlandić/Vladimir Čubrilo
Costume: Marija Tavčar

About the performance:

Amplitude is an audio-visual performance created to give us an impulse and resolved from everything earthly when it instantly becomes the past, and at the same time the starting point of the next impulse – the present. The main actor and the main characters are the sound and music created from the medicine instrument holter, where Katarina Rankovic measured her heartbeats and turn them into music. The struggle between the electronic sound produced by the amplitudes of human hearts interacting with stage players and the acoustic sound on the piano and voice is a dramatic action that shows the dramatic conflict with this polarity of sounds.

About the troupe:

Katarina Ranković is a pianist and interdisciplinary artist, who creates in the field of music, theater, film, and performance. With the performative play “Amplitude” she completed her doctoral studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, under the mentorship of Goran Markovic. In her work in the field of music, she has composed for numerous performances in Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. She is also active as a composer and performer of performances and experimental performances in the field of drama and music.


from 11-14.August at 18h

Scene Jazz for kids




The Puppet Stage Pepino, Niš, SRB

Puppets:  Iva Hadžieva

Scene: Dragana Breza

Direction: Nebojša  BobanJovanović

Performer: Nebojša Boban Jovanović

About the performance:

A musical with 36 puppets, a musical traveler through the World, we travel to the four Continents through 14 countries, folklore, and music, interactive performance.

About the troupe:

The Puppet Stage Pepino (Nis, Serbia) has existed since November 1997. Pepino is made up of professional actors – puppeteers.

FRIDAY, 12.08.



Hathor Theater Troupe, Obrenovac, Serbia

Performance made in the work of drama in  education – of children for children-young people for young

Text, directing: Jelena Luetić

Costume, props: Zorica Hranisavljević, Boy George Bow Down Mister, Jelena Luetić


  • Đorđe Novaković
  • Anastasija Marjan
  • Dušan Dimitrijević
  • Dimitrije Korać
  • Goca Grčić
  • Andja Delibašić
  • Gordana Živojinović

About the performance:

The performance “Little pond…” was created based on the idea of ​​our fellow citizen, writer Dragan Babić Draguca.

This is the  story about a Pond where one family of frogs live, where they are under attack by entrepreneur Prljavko. Although Pond and its residents adapt to the situation, it still gets out of control and threatens to escalate in two directions – eviction or certain death. The happy ending in which Pond wins Prljavko gives the viewers-children a sense of hope and the belief that they can do something in their own communities and protect their ponds, parks, promenades, and forests.

About the troupe:

Theater troupe Hathor was founded in 2009. The troupe got involved in the PASCO project, very soon – which until 2014 was realized by a group of artists from Norway (Buskerud ounty), UK (Liverpool) and Serbia (Obrenovac). The involvement of children and young people in the processes of creating cultural products has become a new mission of the troupe. In addition to the theater, the troupe supports and realizes literary, visual art and forum, activists programs.



Performance made in the work of drama in  education – of children for children-young people for young

Kulturociklin, Kruševac, Serbia

Dirting, Concept, Text: Sandra Maksimović

Performers: Jelena Vučković, Ana Bacić, Martin Tomić, Nikola Mitrović, Stefan Mitrović, Andrej Tomić, Pavle Ivanović, Ivan Dimitrijević 

Set, costume, music: Sandra Maksimović &  članovi grupe 

About the performance:

Kulturociklin End Call is a reflection of our four years of dealing with the phenomenon of culture – from rethinking its most general determinants – etiquette in public space and theater etiquette, through the culture of mental and emotional health, family and social relations in times of crisis – to the culture of virtual space. This performance is a direct invitation to the audience to participate in finding new spaces of dialogue and asking new questions, symbolically ending the “cyber” call but continuing the story “live” – ​​by jumping over the fourth wall as a space from virtual to theatrical to live (online / on stage / on ground) – from the red button to the red ball.

About the group:

Formed (at Kruševac) through the cooperation of three sectors – school, cultural center and association, Kulturociklin has performed socially engaged projects on culture (theater, school, mental health, violence) networking with the broadest institutional and non-institutional scene, becoming Ambassador of the UNESCO Organization for Creative Drama for Serbia. We use the methodology and techniques of physical, process and documentary theater, exploring the themes and problems of real life, developing critical thinking in children and youth and a culture of creative dialogue and personal responsibility.

SUNDAY, 14.08.


Performance made in the work of drama in education -of children for children-young people for young

Theater troupe Patos from Smederevo, Serbia

Directing: Anđelka Vulić

Text: Ivana Stevović

Performers:Isidora Đorđević, Ada Vera Petković i Danilo Karapandža

Music: Nemanja Vračarić

About the performance:

If you are brave enough to embark on this adventure, you may start speaking Animal. Only determined eyes can experience the fairytale world of Animal Mountain, and only sensitive ears can hear the magical music of Animal Piano.

I Speak Animal! is a theater performance for children aged 5 to 11. The small form play with live music brings а big message by presenting the audience with animal characters in the form of two-dimensional puppets, which will come to life only when spectators learn Animal language during the play. The characters will then become three-dimensional, and their roar will be understandable to everyone who wants to listen.

About the theater:

PATOS is a professional youth theater from Smederevo with a contemporary stage voice that encourages the creativity and activism of children and youth. Through active involvement and education through art, especially drama, PATOS fosters intercultural dialogue and encourages critical thinking among its members and audiences since 1986. PATOS has in its repertoire numerous performances for children, teenagers, and students, but also successful stage experiments and engaging performances for all ages. Since 2014, PATOS has stood out with the unique concept “Eyes Shut Theatre”.


from 03-05.08.

Workshops from the Mimart Theater workshop is led by Nela Antonović – the work of professional artists with local artists in the performance of the parade


from 12-14.08.

Workshops from Bread Theater Sanja Krsmanovć Tasić

*In case of rain, all programs will be performed in the Niš National Theatre

The procession is the most demanding type of street theater due to the segmental structure and successive performance with animation of citizens, which means interaction with the audience in the common space of the street as a stage, which changes from moment to moment. We know from experience that in order to maintain the exciting energy of the performance, the creative team of participants optimizes the prepared synopsis on the spot during the performance.
Every year, the International Nisville Jazz THEATER Festival acquires a new quality, which, successfully positioned in the world, ideologically fits with the work of contemporary dance and theater aspirations to perfect the artistic innovative presentation in the exterior. Connecting the remnants of cults and rituals of the game of fire, through the open method of Community Art, we search for the meaning of the contemporary, transferring the idea to the future world.

Workshop from 03 – 05th of August – Nela Antonovic

About workshop:

“Feast of the Game” is a performative animation of citizens through a procession through the city. The involvement of local artists, young people, ballet studios, and musicians, who will be through the workshops of the Mimart method, will contribute to the synergy of performance through new procedures of innovation in the open process of street theater. That is why the goal of the project is to improve the development of street performance in our country, through mutual cooperation and decentralization, empowerment for the creative development of the festival

About the author:

Nela Antonović – theater director, educator, scientist. She founded the non-institutional interdisciplinary theater Mimart Theater in 1984 in Belgrade, whose artistic director she is so far. Nela Antonović is the author of over 70 plays produced by Mimart and over 500 art performances and street theater performances. She has published the experience of many years of work in four books, through scientific articles and documentary texts. She is a multiple award winner.

Workshop from 12 – 14th of August – Devising theatre workshop Sanja Krsmanovć Tasić

Devising theatre workshop

Starting with different exercises of centering, breathing, being, being together, moving, experiencing and perceiving, traveling inside ones self,  traveling through space, warming up the body and voice through exercises and training. The next step will on focusing on creating different materials from which a devised performance can be made, developed from the physical vocabulary of each individual. The participants will together pass the process of creating physical scores, that could be later edited or montaged into scenes.

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

Her professional career started in 1981, in the field of contemporary dance, as dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, co- founding a number of educational centers for dance and drama/theatre (Centre for Movement and Dance (1991-1995), Centre for Artistic Dance (1995-2004). Active on the international and domestic cultural scene (Yugoslavia, later Serbia)  in the fields of artistic dance, theater, performance, dance and drama pedagogy and theory.

From 1993-2014 actress, core member of DAH Teatar and part of organizational core of DAH Theatre. In 2014, she founded Hleb Theater, within which she develops a new stage form “essay in movement”. As a choreographer and choreographer, she participates in the creation of performances, the first inclusive dance performances by players with and without disabilities. He leads dance and theater workshops and master classes in our country and around the world. Author and producer, with her association “Artistic Utopia”, of the “Days of Smiljana Mandukić” event. She is the author of several dance reviews, articles and essays published in the country and the world.

President of IDEA (International Association for Theater and Drama Education).