Nisville opened try-out for volunteers from 15 to 75 years old applicants!
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Nisville Jazz Festival opened try-out for volunteers from 15 to 75 years old applicants!

Nisville Jazz Festival opened try-out for volunteers from 15 to 75 years old applicants!

Nisville Jazz Festival opened try-out for volunteers from 15 to 75 years old applicants!

Nisville volunteers 2022 – a combination of experience and youth!

Young and old can once again benefit from the Nisville Jazz Festival this year, becoming part of one of the most important cultural events in Serbia and Europe, as well as gain valuable skills through an active and attractive volunteer program, while using part of the summer to their advantage.

There will be a competition for 200 young people between 15 and 30 years old from May 16 to June 30, 2022, who will participate in a volunteer program for 10 days, gain valuable experience and knowledge, and socialize to create unforgettable memories in Nis.

Nishville volunteers will be engaged between August 5 and 15, 2021.

In a first for the festival volunteers this year, Nishville will activate 20 volunteers aged 60 to 75 from 11 to 14 August 2022 to work in certain segments of the festival that are not physically strenuous.

Over 3,500 volunteers have participated in the festival’s volunteer program since it began in 2010.
At that time, the volunteer team collected about 120 young people from across the country and abroad.
In 2012, the Nisville volunteer team received the City of Nis’ recognition in the form of a gold medal bearing the image of Emperor Constantine for its special contribution to the promotion and development of culture, and at the end of 2013, the volunteer program was installed.

Nisville Jazz Festival invites all interested candidates from the country and abroad to apply for volunteering and contribute to the realization of this important cultural event.

Nisville Jazz Festival Volunteers

Nisville Jazz Festival Volunteers 2022


The volunteer team will be divided into 9 sectors:

  1. Host of the audience – Performs activities related to welcoming the audience, from ticket reviews, replacement of tickets for bracelets, to directing and guiding the audience in the main festival space.
  2. Host of musicians – Takes care of musicians during their stay in Nis. The task of the host musicians is to be with the performers and provide them with what they need, as well as to take them to the festival space, accommodation, press center, workshop, etc.
  3. Marketing – Performs activities related to the branding of festivals and sponsors, from activities related to the placement of advertisements to activities on advertising stands.
  4. Press – Performs activities related to the organization and implementation of the festival’s press service.
  5. Technical Support – Performs activities related to support in stage preparation and technical implementation on the main stages, as well as on all other stages and stages of the Nishville Festival.
  6. Logistics – Performs activities related to support during the preparation and implementation of the accompanying festival program, as well as in the central festival space. Also, the Logistics sector will assist in catering for the performers and technical staff of the festival.
  7. Workshop – Performs activities related to the organization of space and participants of festival workshops, as well as the accompanying educational matinee program.
  8. Security – Performs the activities of the security service related to the support of professional security services at all festival locations.
  9. Catering – Performs food and beverage delivery activities for performers, technicians and volunteers at all festival locations.

The application must be made by filling out the form on the official website of the festival, at the link or send the completed form to

The competition is open until June 30, when the application form will be closed.

Interviews with candidates will be conducted in the interval from 5th of July to 15th of July, 2022.
The selection of selected candidates will be done by July 20, 2020.

You can report any questions or problems when applying by e-mail to:


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