Karen Souza at Nisville - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Karen Souza at Nisville

Karen Souza at Nisville

The star of Latin jazz and bossa nova arrives in Serbia

Argentinian singer Karen Souza, known above all for her characteristic pop and rock covers hits from the seventies, eighties and nineties in characteristic Latin jazz and bossa nova style – will perform at this year’s Nashville on Saturday, August 17. That it is one of the most popular of today’s jazz vocalists, the fact that her songs all over the world (more precisely in 178 out of 194 countries on planet!) is listened to by over 1.2 listeners per month.

Although it is certain that Keran Souza’s distinctive voice was made for jazz, she started her career there under various pseudonyms, collaborating with electronic music producers, singing “house” versions of hits from the last decades of the last century: “Creep” (Radiohead), “Do you really want to hurt me” (Culture club) …

Karen started flirting with jazz when she was invited to participate in the first album of the edition “Jazz & 80’s”, which achieved huge success practically overnight. She continued to record vocals for the series “Jazz & 70’s”, “Jazz & 80’s” and “Jazz and 90’s”, which included big hits, but above all good pop songs from of all these eras in a jazz/bossa/blues format. To the surprise of people in the music business, these albums gained an incredible fan base in many countries and across different age groups, resulting in many publishing houses tried to recycle the concept. After the great success of these releases Karen decided to start a solo career during which she released 6 albums from 2011 until today by his name. The first album “Essentials” was composed of the best performances from the aforementioned albums has excellent sales to the extent that the iTunes platform immediately marked us with “New and Noteworthy” (Novo I worth noting). Her fifth album “Language of Love” (2020), exceeded one million listeners on music platforms in just a few days and thus became one of the releases that exceeded that figure the fastest. From that one of the albums, the single “There you are” stood out as the listeners’ favorite song, which has 10 million broadcasts, so to speak – in the “blink of an eye”. Immediately after the release of the first album, Karen Souza is mainly in the line-up of a classic jazz trio (piano, double bass and drums) started with live performances – and thus showed that she is also a phenomenal concert performer, and not just studio vocals. She performed on concert podiums and festivals around the world, including: San Javier Jazz Fest (Spain), Nora Jazz Fest (Italy), Dojima Jazz Winter (Japan), Tabarka Jazz Fest (Tunisia), Jazz a Toute Heure (France), Guitar Festival (Barcelona), Jazztonic (Korea), Festival de las Almas (Mexico)… as well as many festivals in Venezuela, Brazil, China…

Her latest album album “Suddenly Lovers” from 2023 (which, like the previous one published by the company JVC RCA Victor) was recorded in Mexico, Estonia, the United States of America

States and Argentina with the participation of over 40 musicians, and as authors of the compositions, in addition to herself, also appear multiple Grammy winner Dany Thomas, as well as the last songwriter to work with Frank Sinatra –

Pamela Phillips Holland. The title track from that album was chosen by Ralph Lauren for the soundtrack advertising campaigns for his new perfume collections. Also, her performances of the songs “Creep”, “Tainted Love”, “Paris”, “Safe and sound”, were presented in films and Netflix series: “The Zero Theorem”, “Dynasty”, “White Lines”, “Losing weight”….


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wn5ENPY7oc Tainted Love

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ-4zkbXe0U Every breath you take (live)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK5mhtaDK8g Creep

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc-9DkfWzOI There you are

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