JANY McPHERSON performs at Nisville! - Nisville Jazz Festival
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JANY McPHERSON performs at Nisville!

JANY McPHERSON performs at Nisville!

After McLaughlin at the Nis Fortress

Rising star of Latin jazz music, Cuban pianist, singer and composer Jenny McPherson will perform with her band at the upcoming Nisville Jazz festival on Friday, August 16th at the Nis Fortress.

Jenny is undoubtedly one of the most original performers to come along in recent years on the world jazz scene. She is a very talented artist who brings feminine energy to many beautiful phrases of latin  jazz in her performances, as well as sophisticated improvisations that make her music and style special and recognizable.

She was born in 1979 in Guantanamo, Cuba, Janysett McPherson at a very young age performs in jazz clubs, composes and records, and in 2014 she received a prestigious Adolfo Guzman award – “Cubadisco Internacional” in Havana (equivalent to the award MIDEM), for the album “Blue Side Live”, collaboration with Omar Portuonda and Buena Vista Social Club, Orquesta Anakaon, Alain Perez and many others famous Cuban musicians.

After that, she moves to France, performs at prestigious jazz festivals all over the world and continues with discography activities. Among other things, in 2017 she performs along with legendary jazz greats such as Maceo Parker and Dee Dee Bridgewater at the Saint Raphael Jazz Festival.

The wider audience definitely noticed her collaboration with the famous guitarist John McLaughlin (JOHN MCLAUGHLIN) in 2022, who calls her as a special guest for performances at prestigious festivals including “North Sea Jazz” and “Montreux Jazz Festival”, and after that McPherson gets a permanent engagement as a lead pianist and lead vocalist in John McLaughlin’s touring quintet “Liberation Tour”, which had a masterful finale in Zurich on October 20, 2023.

With his inborn interpretive skills, a genetic sense of music orientation and rhythm, and pronounced tendencies towards ballads and singing, this Cuban artist is characterized by an original approach through unexpected percussion-harmonics progressions and unprecedentedly effective improvisations that he combines with the synthesis of  various styles, overcoming classic jazz idioms, and the performance itself is expressed chromatically a range of rich shades, sometimes very exotic. She skips the cliche combining Latin rhythms and North American jazz, showing instead evoking organic soundscapes from her homeland with an emphasis grace.

Jenny McPherson in concerts very often changes her tempo in a kaleidoscope elegance, delicacy, strength and physicality.” I like to change from time to time atmosphere on the same track,” she notes, “having fun with changing harmonies and I go my way in an unexpected, unpredictable way. My piano playing is often instinctive and I can say the same about improvisation”.

Her last album, “A Long Way”, was released on October 6, 2023. Eleven of original tracks recorded with her trio introduce us to a powerful palette innate melodic progressions that define each song through harmonics variations as the skeleton of her ballads. Her art is a collection of creative compositional bravura that make her work immediately available and above all very recognizable.

Photo: Jean Louis Neveu. (for the portrait) & Arturo Di Vita (for the Live shot at the piano)


Jany McPherson Trio – Live in PALERMO

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