Indonesian VERTIGONG at the opening of the Nisville! - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Indonesian VERTIGONG at the opening of the Nisville!

Indonesian VERTIGONG at the opening of the Nisville!

Exotic jazz-fusion from the Far East at the Nisville Festival

Ethno-jazz-fusion band VERTIGONG from distant Indonesia will perform in the main event

Festival program of this year’s Nisville Jazz Festival on Thursday, August 15 on the Niš Fortress Plateau.

What makes the group Vertigong unique on the world jazz scene is using of the traditional instrument Bonang, which, with a classic jazz quartet, presents the exotic sound warmth of the Far East mixed with recognizable jazz-fusion harmonies and a virtuoso female vocalist creates an unrepeatable musical journey.

The line-up of the group Vertigong consists of Purwanta, the leader of the band that plays Bonang, Paulus Neo Prasetyo – electric piano, Mohamad Farigh Dewanto – bass guitar, Dimas Suryo Kencono on drums and Anting Retno Windhari Widodo – vocals.

According to music critics, Vertigong is not just a musical ensemble. It is an experience that resonates with the heart and soul. With unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and with a visionary leader at the helm, Vertigong appeals to a wide range of the audience to immerse themselves in a world where art knows no boundaries.

This original quintet was carefully designed to create a unique identity in a vast landscape of artistic research and achievement.

Performing at the world’s biggest jazz festivals, Vertigong is unique way orchestrates experiences that resonate with a diverse audience, creating a sound a tapestry that speaks to the soul.

Highly recommended: don’t miss Vertigong’s performance on Thursday, August 15 at the opening of the 30th anniversary of Nisville Jazz Festival.


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