Concerts and movies for mental health relaxation - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Concerts and movies for mental health relaxation

Concerts and movies for mental health relaxation

Tomorrow begins Nisville 2020 – September edition

Concerts and movies for mental health relaxation


The September edition of the Nisville Jazz Festival 2020 starts tomorrow (Thursday, September 17), and free programs will be available to a limited number of visitors for the next four days, it was announced today at the joint press conference of Nis Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and Nisville Director Ivan Blagojevic.

After the Nisville 2020 ONLINE edition, which was held on the Summer Stage in the Nis Fortress from August 13 to 16, without the presence of the audience, with a live ONLINE broadcast via Nisville internet television, the September edition will be realized in accordance with the city’s Covid-19 virus protection measures. for the audience but in limited numbers. Music programs (a total of 24 concerts) will be performed on two stages: Welcome stage (at the Queen Natalija Fountain in front of the Bridge near the Fortress) and Youth stage (in front of the Nisville Jazz Museum in the Fortress). Also at the fountain, the “Nišville Movie summit” program will be realized in the evening, while in the breaks between films, pianists will play alongside silent films as part of the “Nišville Kristina stage”. A visit to the “Nishville Jazz Museum”, which presents a new setting – will be free during these four days.

Programs on the Youth stage at the Nisville Jazz Museum, which start at 19:00 every day and end at 23:00, will feature:

Thursday 17 September

  1. Nisville youth Arkestra
  2. Milan Petković Quartet
  3. Glib


Friday 18. September

  1. Nisville Jazz for Kids / El Mejor
  2. 4G’s
  3. LAB Organ Trio

Saturday, 9. September

  1. Dečji hor “Čarobna nota”
  2. JAIN Project  (Jazz and Interculturalism) Međunarodni omladinski jazz projekat (Albanija, Italija i Srbija) finansiran od strane EACEA programa „Creative Europe“


Sunday 20. September 


  1. Johny Quartet
  2. South Rail Messengers
  3. Artan Lili


The programs on the Welcome stage (from 17:00 to 19:00) will present the following groups:

Thursday 17. September

17:00 Godina Konja

18:00 Oposite Way

Friday 18. September

17:00 Hot Spot

18:00 Paradox

Saturday 19. September

17:00 Rusty Strings

18:00 Tomycoustic

Sunday 20. September

17:00 TUNE

18:00 Mokri Jazz

Among the 26 films that will be screened as part of the Nisville Movie Summit are films that were declared the best during the ONLINE edition by the jury (Antonio Marzinotto – guitarist, pedagogue and composer, Zeljko Ljubic – composer and pedagogue) and Branislav Miltojevic – film critic) :

  • The award for the BEST PERFORMER OF MUSIC went to Cesare Mangiocavallo, also the director of the Italian film “Siegfriedsdorf Dixiland Band”.
  • best DOCUMENTARY film: “Virgit Zamani” directed by Orhan Tekeoğlu;
  • best FEATURE FILM: “Siegfriedsdorf Dixiland Band”; by Cesare Mangiocavalla
  • the best EXPERIMENTAL FILM is the French-Brazilian “SATAN SATIE ou MÉMOIRES D’UN AMNÉSIQUE” by Jurun Mallon and Lucas Parente;

Tomorrow, also in the City Hall in Nis, the Nisville Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the celebrated jazz pianist, composer, arranger, pedagogue, jazz promoter, jazz historian and essayist Miloš – Mišo Krstić.


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