Brushy One String at the closing of the Nisville - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Brushy One String at the closing of the Nisville

Brushy One String at the closing of the Nisville

YouTube sensation on August 18 in Nis

YouTube sensation and “Womad” festival favorite Brushy One String, whose song is “Chicken in the Corn” reached more than 64 million views, will perform with his trio of the closing night of this year’s Nisville Jazz Festival, on Sunday, August 18 2024 on the Niš Fortress Plateau.

Andrew Chin, better known by the stage name Brushy One String was born on Jamaican and specific in that he performs with an acoustic guitar that only has one string, using the body of the guitar as percussion. According to him, the idea that plays the guitar with one string “it came to him in a dream”. By the way, Andrew is the son of a famous Jamaican reggae singer Freddy McKay.

It has been for many years performed as a street musician and gained valuable experience as a public entertainer, and over time this singer and bassist without strategic career planning became an absolute urban music icon.

His music has also been used as a soundtrack in award-winning documentaries films “Rise Up” and “The King of One String”, and after five released albums Brushy One String already has an army of loyal listeners who have been captured by its irresistible charm his personality and songs. Regardless of whether he performs acoustically on the market and squares in Jamaica or entertaining the crowd at the “New Orleans Jazz Heritage” festival, at the legendary reggae festival “Summerjam” in Köln or at the “Global Fest” In New York in front of a large audience, Brushy One String enchants with his with its unique charm and stripped-down, easy, but grandiose style, hypnotic with spirited rhythms on his one-string acoustic guitar, combining more styles such as blues, reggae, soul, hip hop and scat-singer technique into a unique musical expression. “Brushy One String was an orphan and illiterate as a child, but he had a guitar. He is played so hard that five of his six strings snapped and fell off, but he continued to he plays and achieves more with one than most people can with six strings!” – BBC

“This man has made himself a vocal menagerie: soul belter, rapper, singer, reggae singer, dub toaster and cackling character actor. It brought in considerable diversity in the structure of the songs he made, skeletal, with bass lines on the guitar with only one wire!  – New York Times

Photo: Luciano Blotta



Chicken in the Corn:

NPR Tiny Desk Session:

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