Asian Dub Foundation at Nišville - Nisville Jazz Festival
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Asian Dub Foundation at Nišville

Asian Dub Foundation at Nišville

The British band Asian Dub Foundation, whom critics say have created their own genre, will perform at the upcoming Nišville festival on Saturday, August 12. Their unique combination of sharp jungle rhythms, dub bass lines, and wild guitars, all covered with references to their South Asian roots and militant rap, has made them one of the best live bands in the world. Throughout their long and productive career, Asian Dub Foundation have shared the stage with groups like Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys, and Primal Scream, and have collaborated with artists such as Radiohead, Sinead O’Connor, Iggy Pop, and Chuck D in the studio.

The story of Asian Dub Foundation began in the early 1990s, when the band was formed out of a music workshop in East London at their spiritual home, Community Music. These early days marked both their sound and their broader social aspirations, as demonstrated by their involvement with Romani youth in Budapest, their collaboration with the legendary Afro Reggae in the favelas of Rio, and the founding of their own educational organization, ADF Education (ADFED), as well as numerous campaigns on behalf of marginalized social groups. Building a reputation as a phenomenal live band in the mid-1990s, particularly in France, they eventually established themselves as an important force on the global scene and, in particular, as an explosive alternative to the stagnant obsession with Britpop in the UK.

In addition to their phenomenal reputation “live,” ADF were one of the first bands to experiment with the now-commonplace “live film re-score,” performing new music alongside old films, which they began in 2001 with the French film classic “La Haine.” Among the films whose soundtracks they refreshed (with the approval and encouragement of the author) was George Lucas’s directorial debut, the 1971 film “THX 1138,” for which the famous Lalo Schifrin wrote the original music.

In the fall of 2020, after a five-year hiatus, Asian Dub Foundation released what critics and audiences consider another masterpiece, their ninth studio album, “Access Denied” – an uncompromising musical and textual reflection on Brexit and all the negative consequences of the UK’s departure from the EU, including the resurgence of racism, evident in the statements of politicians. Their success is evident in the fact that “Access Denied” was the best-selling (and most downloaded) album in the UK at the beginning of 2021.

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