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“Festival de Jazz en la Playa” at Nisville TV

This weekend (January 30th and 31st) Nisville TV ( ) will broadcast the complete program of the recently held Argentine “Festival de Jazz en la Playa” with performance of: Jazz 4, Ad Libitum, Miguel Angel Tallarita, Nevua Jazz Trio, Tango Jazz Quartet, Sotavento Big Band, Orquqesta de Monte, Orquesta de Cañuelas, Marcelo Gillespi Rodriguez.

The “Festival de Jazz en la Playa” (Jazz Festival on the Beach) was born in the summer of 2002 in the tourist city of Ostend, located on the Atlantic Ocean, about 400 km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. In its 20 years of life, prestigious musicians from the Argentine jazz scene and from the city where the festival takes place as well as international musicians paraded through the stages of the festival. At the same time, “Festival de Jazz en la Playa” the Beach has encouraged the participation of emerging groups and school orchestras and has always aimed to offer the greatest variety of jazz proposals: from traditional jazz to avant-garde proposals passing through Swing, Bebop , Hard Bop and multiple fusion music projects.
From its first edition, the festival was followed by an enthusiastic audience made up of tourists and local inhabitants. This year, respecting the Covid-19 protocols and paying attention to taking care of the artists and the public, the festival decided to hold a day with live concerts at the Barlovento Beach Resort in Ostend, where the festival was born and the rest of the concerts that complete The programming was previously filmed and streamed.
Thanks to a collaboration agreement between the Nisville Jazz Festival and the Festival de Jazz en la Playa, the entire festival can be seen through the Nisville TV platform.
The festival was also broadcast on the Festival’s Facebook fanpage as well as by more than 30 fanpages of jazz festivals and jazz clubs around the world from New York to Mozambique and entered into a cooperation agreement with the twin city of Ostend, in Belgium since both cities have a shared history, because the Argentine city of Ostend was founded by Belgian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century.
The Jazz on the Beach festival is a self-managed project, which does not receive any government support, organized by the saxophonist and music educator Gustavo Firmenich, who has performed at the Nisville Jazz Festival leading his groups Tango Jazz Quartet and Sotavento Big Band and carrying out the project of the Nisville Tango Big Band.

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