Nisville 2007

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CoryellLarry Coryell

Larry Coryell, Lenny White, Victor Bailey - USA

This is the second attempt to bring Larry Coryell, a jazz and jazz-rock guitar legend, to Niš (the fi rst one failed in 1979, when a McLaughlin/ DeLucia/Coryell concert was cancelled due to the death of Edvard Kardelj). Coryell performed with great musicians such as Charles Mingus, Stéphane Grappelli, Sony Rollins and Kenny Barron. This time he comes to Niš with a dream-team rhythm section which consists of the members of extremely popular fusion bands: Lenny White (drummer) and Victor Bailey (bassist). Although he is probably most known for being a member of Chick Corea’sband during the Return to Forever period, jazz experts also remember Lenny White‘s contribution to Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew album, the album which can be considered a manifesto of the so-called voodoo music. Among many others, he collaborated with Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, Woody Shaw, Gato Barbieri, Gil Evans, Stanley Clarke and Stan Getz.
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Dr. Donald ByrdDr. Donald Byrd

Dr Donald Byrd & Delaware State University Jazz Combo --USA

Donald Byrd recorded a number of anthological albums for Blue Note Records. It is enough only to list the people he collaborated with to see how great he is: Lionel Hampton, Art Blakey, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Red Garland, Gigi Gryce, Max Roach, Hank Mobley, McCoy Tyner, Yusef Latiff , Pepper Adams... During the seventies he started playing fusion jazz, jazz-funk, soul-jazz and R&B. His Black Byrd album is the most selling album of Blue Note Records. He teaches jazz music at several American universities and lately he has acted as a front man of the Delaware State University Combo – a jazz group coming from one of the best black universities in the States.
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Milcho LevievMilcho Leviev

Milcho Leviev & Vicky Almazidu USA-Greece-Bulgaria

In 1974 Don Ellis said that “Milcho Leviev is defi nitely one of the modern jazz genii.” This Bulgarian pianist, composer, arranger, band leader and teacher received similar compliments from Jon Hendrix, the famous jazz singer: “He combines black blues and his own heritage in such a way that I tend to think that once upon a time his Slavic roots and my African roots were actually at the same place.” He collaborated with Billy Cobham, Roy Haynes, Dave Holland.He arranged Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo a la Turk and Al Jarreau’s Grammy-winning Breakin’ Away, which earned him a nomination for Manhattan Transfer’s Vocal Arrangement Award. Vicky Almazidu is a singer who performs and collaborates with the leading musicians from the Balkans. Along with her permanent collaboration with Milcho Leviev, she has also had the chance to perform with musicians such as Billy Cobham and Peter Erskine.
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Zoran PredinZoran Predin

Zoran Predin / Orkestar Adio Pameti - Slovenia

Zoran Predin is a Slovenian singer/ songwriter and a front man of one of the most original bands in the former Yugoslavia (Lacni Franz). He collaborated with Arsen Dedic and Bora Djordjevic with whom he formed the SHS Trio. His songs include both chansons and the elements of folklore which seems not to be so close to polka or yodeling, the styles geographically close to him. Currently, he performs with the Adio Pameti Orchestra.
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Oscar SchonningOskar Schonning

Oskar Schonning - Sweeden

This band comes from Sweden and is lead by its contrabassist Oskar Schonning. The band was founded in a club in Östersund (the club itself is run by the band members). The critics and the public labeled them as the next best thing coming from Scandinavia. Their songs go far beyond the boundaries of defi ned musical styles and one of the most infl uential critics described their music as belonging to “a soundtrack for a Central European fi lm of the fi fties.” Another critic added that “their music gets transformed into pictures.” Their latest album is called Happy Jazz.
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Larry RayLarry Ray

Larry Ray

Larry Ray was born in North Carolina in a large family: three brothers and three sisters. At the young age of eight he sang in the church choir until the age of twelve when he started his own group „The gates of harmony“. From this moment he began his professional carrer touring all around the world. His biggest success was with the world famous group The Drifters who recorded such hits as „Stand by Me“, „Save the Last Dance“ and „Saturday night at the movies“. With the „Drifters“ Larry was a member for 18 years. He then moves to Italy touring with the 2 only Italian FunkBands, Jestofunk and Jackalope Gang. Also he sang with many musicians and groups including the world famous The Platters and The Temptation just to name a few...
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Djabe - Hungary

During the last ten years, Djabe sextet achieved the status of being the “Hungarian number one representative in the world of jazz and jazz fusion music.” Their music is a unique blend of jazz, the elements of Hungarian folklore and world music heritage. The band is lead by a virtuoso bassist - Tamás Barabás, who improved his music production and recording skills at famous Abbey Road Studios. Another of the band’s members is Ferenc Kovács whom Archie Shepp described as one of the best violinists, who “in the meantime plays the trumpet like Miles Davis.” With the help of Abbey Road Studios, they were the fi rst Hungarian band to release an interactive audio DVD. Their concerts are highly attractive in a visual sense as the band members have developed a technology named the “intelligent lighting.” In Stereo High End magazine one could read that “if there is a peak of the concert sound, it belongs to Djabe.” Among guests on their albums we fi nd names such as Ben Castle (who performed with Sting and Brand New Heavies) and Steve Hacket (Genesis guitarist).
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Illinx - France

Illinx band members - Antoine Banville (drummer), Thomas de Pourquery (saxophonist) and Marc Buronfosse (contrabassist) are the real representatives of the modern French jazz school, which makes them interesting enough. They have learned from and collaborated with musicians such as Gary Peacock, Mark Johnson, Jimmy Cobb, John Abercrombie, Jim Hall, Dave Liebman and they are very proud of performing with a Serbian musician - Bojan Zulfi karpašic.
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TIFANE - Haiti

Stephanie Sejour is a Haitian singer also known as Tifane (which is also the name of the band which performs with her). She is one of the biggest stars of the Caribbean music scene. Her musical development was infl uenced both by the traditional music of the Caribbean and mainstream singers such as Gloria Estefan, Tracy Chapman, Sade and others. After high school she moved to Chicago where she graduated in sociology and in 2004 she returned to Haiti and gave another chance to her fi rst love – to music. Soon afterwards, she released her fi rst album dominated by a hit named Se Kom Si, which became popular not only in Central America, but in the USA and in Europe (especially in France) as well.
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Young Music CaravanMusic Caravan

Young Music Caravan - Germany

Young Music Caravan is a project which gathers young musicians and their professors from diff erent countries every year (this year’s group includes musicians coming from 12 countries). The project is headed up by Andreas Brunn and Shine Erlewein, a video producer and the manager of the EU television and radio network. In the beginning, the project was planned to be a musical camp (the camp itself was the starting point of the tour). After their 2004 tour, the project evolved into a steady music troupe whose tours get longer than ten thousand kilometers and which has already had hundreds of performances.
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Karandila -Bugarska

When less experienced listeners hear this Romani brass band from Bulgaria for the first time, they can be easily driven to conclude that New Orleans marching orchestra music has its roots in the Balkans. The band was founded in 1994 and their music i n c l u d e s not only a wide range of folklore motifs of the Balkans, but also jazz styles such as swing and bebop and a heavy oriental guitar groove. Karandila reached their peak in the late nineties when Canal+ made a documentary named Gypsy Summer about them, which made the band well known across the globe. In 1999 they performed at Jazz Across the Border festival in Berlin and in 2000 they accompanied Goran Bregovic on his Italian tour. They have performed all around Europe and represented Bulgaria at Europalia 2002 festival.
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Lucas Van MerwjikVan Merwjik

Lucas Van Merwjik & Drums United - Holandija

On several occasions, Lucas Van Merwijk, a member of the Dutch jazz scene, was offi cially labeled as the best jazz, fusion jazz and Latino percussionist of the Benelux states. Currently, he is the leader of a couple of combo jazz groups, which include the group Drums United (with which he comes to Niš), the Cubop City Big Band, Drumix! and others. He collaborated with Candy Dulfer, Alex Acuna, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D. Rivera, Joe Pass, George Mraz, Tuck & Patty, Tavares, Giovanni Hidalgo, Rosenberg Trio, Georgie Fame, Donovan, Jan Akkerman,…
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Laki LatinoLaki Latino

LAKI LATINO - Holandija

Saxophonist Ákos Laki was born in Vojvodina, Serbia and graduated from Jazz Academy in Budapest. He improved his skills at the Jazz Section of the Academy of Rotterdam. It was in this city that he founded Laki Latino band. One of his best performances was at the North Sea festival in the Hague.
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Two Bags Bluesman2 Bags Bluesman

Two Bags Bluesman & Pan Band

Slavko Jovanovic - Vasiljevic is a caricature painter and a blues musician ho lives in Germany, where he started Two Bags Bluesman band. He earned the reputation of one of the world’s best white harmonicaplayers. At Nišville he will perform along with Pan Band, a rhythm and blues band from Niš.
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Boris KovacBoris Kovač

Boris Kovač Band

Boris Kovac is a saxophonist, a composer and a multimedia artist from Vojvodina. He is one of the most famous Serbian representatives on the world music scene. He is a leader of chamber orchestras such as RUTUAL NOVA, LaDaABa Orchestra, La Campanella Orchestra, Chamber Theatre of Music OGLEDALO and the Academy of Fine Skills. Besides this, he also works as a theatre music composer. His theatre music for Nahod Simeon (performed at Serbian National Theatre) won the prestigious Sterija’s Award. During the last twenty years he released fourteen albums and wrote two collections of poems and essays, had hundreds of concerts, appeared on more than two hundred festivals in over thirty countries on four continents.
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Nils Peter MolvaerNils Peter

Nils Peter Molvaer - Norveška

Guardian has recently published an article named Oslo – The New Capital of Jazz in which a special praise was directed towards the Norwegian trumpeter, composer, arranger and producer Nils Petter Molvaer. The main characteristic of his work in all of the bands he worked with is a skillful combination of diff erent musical genres – jazz, ambient, electro-house, including elements of hip hop, rock and pop music, all of which build a unique kind of sound. Manfred Eicher invited him to record a couple of albums for ECM Records after which he received a number of prestigious German music awards as well as a Norwegian Grammy and a Buddy – the most important jazz award in Norway. He comes to Niš directly from the North Sea festival, where he appeared with Bill Laswell.
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For Free HandsFor Free Hands

For Free Hands - Garmany

The band establishes a strong relationship between contemporary jazz and European music traditions. Living, urban sounds reflect the current European spirit and connect it to tradition. The musicians of this innovative ensemble met in Berlin, a city which attracts artists from all over the world because of its fascinating scene. The title of the new album - Transversal, meaning at right angles to the mainstream - summarizes the philosophy of the band in one word: For Free Hands detach themselves from the unvarying mainstream, they do not blindly follow one tradition, but nevertheless commit themselves to all of them. For Free Hands practice the coalescence of musical heritage with contemporary ideas. Therefore, they feel quite comfortable where they are standing: at right angles to the mainstream, duly arrived ininto the future. the present, without denying the past. And moreover, looking
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Jo MikovicJo Mikovic

Jo Mikovic - Serbia

Jo Mikovic, musician, composer and arrangeur was born in Zajecar. He studied violin and clarinet at the Academy of Music in Belgrad and graduated in 1965. He has been living in Germany for 40 years now, since 1983 he has been teaching saxophone at the UKM Music School in Ulm. He toured all across Europe, USA and Near East countries. He played at all important European Jazz Festivals, also appeared in many radio and tv shows, important jazz clubs and recorded many albums. Important performances with: Charly Antolini, Alvin Queen, Kenny Burrell, Cannonball Adderley, Nat Adderley, James Moody, Jimmy Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Charles Mingus, LeeKonitz, George Duke, Shelly Manne, Bosko Petrovic, Dusko Goykovic, Lala Kovacev, Albert Mangelsdorff, Joe Haider, Joe Nay, Attila Zoller, Heinz Sauer, Wolfgang Dauner, Günter Lenz, Ralf Hübner, Joe Kienemann,and many others.