Nisville Jazz Festival - from 13 to 16 August

Friday, 05 December 2014 15:41
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NIŠVILLE JAZZ FESTIVAL (August 13 – 16 2015, The Fortress of Niš)

The upcoming edition of the international Nišvillle Jazz Festival will be held from August 13 until 16. 2015 at the Fortress of Nis. The regular price of a four-day ticket set will be 25 EUR (30 EUR  just before the festival or during the festival).

From Monday, December 8. until December 31, the limited number of the ticket sets will be for sale with a special discount of 50% at the price of 12,5 EUR.

According to these prices, the visitors will be able to watch 25 performances at the main stages of the festival at the price of 25 EUR; that is to say, 1 EUR per concert. With the special discount, the price of the single concert is 0.5 EUR.

Tickets are available in CS Eventim stores and online at

The ticket set is for one person only – during the festival, the visitors will get a special bracelet with which they will be able to enter or leave the main festival area.

More information at

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 12:03
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Saradnja Nišville Jazz Festivala i Departmana za žurnalistiku

U sklopu saradnje Nišville jazz festivala i Departmana za novinarstvo Filozofskog fakulteta u Nišu - desetak studenata ovog odseka pridruženo je Nišville volonterskom timu u press centru. U nastavku prenosimo nekoliko njihovih tekstova.

Thursday, 18 September 2014 09:13
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