Nisville Jazz Festival - from 14 to 17 August

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 14:55
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“Manglares” at Nišville

Nisville 2014, for the very  first time presents a band from Mexico – “Manglares” which is going to perform at August 15th. Manglares band was formed in 2008. They have played in the MexJazzFest for the last 3 years as well as the lastest editions of the Festival de Cultura del Caribe. They have also appeared at many other art forums in the most important cities of  Mexico.

Recently Manglares had participate in The visual and performing arts for a Safe Planet for the United Nations and in 2014 they shared stage with artists like Paquito de Rivera, Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent in a tribute to Paco de Lucía. Now they are touring Europe to present their new original material. Members are: Jose Carlos Espinoza de los Reyes Lanz, Mario Oswaldo Delgadillo Díaz, Alberto Vicente Stocker Salinas, Antoni Portell Year i Pierre Cabarat

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 08:55
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Estudiantina Ensemble at Nisville

The Estudiantina Ensemble cosnists of Cuban musician who live in Holland is going to play at Nisville 2014 main program at Saturday, August 16th, as well as in homage to Saban Bajramovic on “River stage” at August 13th.

The Estudiantina Ensemble plays in the tradition of the Estudiantina-music from Cuba (musical groups formed of students), of which the only original 1927 dating Estudiantina Invasora from Santiago de Cuba exists.At the base is the Danzón-clave, in the 8-piece band with a special instrument “Pailitas” also known as the Baroque Timpani, two small kettle drums of French baroque orgine that had come through from Haiti. These are the forerunners of the famous contemporary Timbales that are used in many Salsa bands. Where the Salsa and modern Timba is being played fast and forward, this Danzón / Son-tradition is more laid-back, rather behind the beat than played in front of the beat. Thus it is truly the Roots of Traditional Cuban music, with Guaracha's, Boleros, Danzones and Boleros-son.

The Estudiantina Ensemble was founded by Ricardo Bekema, with the objective of maintaining the authentic Cuban Traditional Danzón and Son styles from Oriente de Cuba. After years of studies in Santiago de Cuba and the surrounding area with teachers like Gabino Jardines Cisneros, Eva de la Caridad Griñan, Inaudis Paisán Mallet, Roberto Nápoles Castillo, Rey Cabrera Castellano and Arístides Torres, Ricardo by now has become a connoisseur of the Trova music.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 17:55
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The Zuralia Orchestra at Nisville 2014

The Zuralia Orchestra from Romania is going to perform at Nisville 2014. tt first day of festival (August 14th), as well as part of homage to Saban Bajramovic at River stage at August 13th.

This orchestra, founded in 2011, is an 12 piece group comprised of experienced musicians, recognized locally and internationally, mixing  trumpets, tuba, drums,  darbuka,  accordions, two vocals and of course clarinet. Under Aurel Mirea’s guidance a new kind of music is being created fusing Romanian Folklore and traditional Gypsy music with Jazz, Reggae, Latin and Oriental, making it mystically appealing to many different lovers of music.