Nisville 2008

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Brand New HeaviesHeavies

The Brand New Heavies

Pioneers of the London acid jazz scene, the Brand New Heavies translated their love for the funk grooves of the 1970s into a sophisticated sound that carried the torch for classic soul in an era dominated by hip-hop. Formed in 1985 by drummer/keyboardist Jan Kincaid, guitarist Simon Bartholomew, and bassist/keyboardist Andrew Levy — longtime school friends from the London suburb of Ealing — the Brand New Heavies were originally an instrumental unit inspired by the James Brown and Meters records its members heard while clubbing the rare groove scene in vogue at the moment. The trio soon began recording their own music, gaining enormous exposure when their demo tracks were spun at the influential Cat in the Hat Club.

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Billy CobhamBilly Cobham

Billy Cobham

Generally acclaimed as fusion's greatest drummer, Billy Cobham's explosive technique powered some of the genre's most important early recordings — including groundbreaking efforts by Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra — before he became an accomplished bandleader in his own right. At his best, Cobham harnessed his amazing dexterity into thundering, high-octane hybrids of jazz complexity and rock & roll aggression. He was capable of subtler, funkier grooves on the one hand, and awe-inspiring solo improvisations on the other; in fact, his technical virtuosity was such that his flash could sometimes overwhelm his music. After debuting as a leader with the classic Spectrum in 1973, Cobham spent most of fusion's glory days recording for Atlantic; briefer stints on CBS, Elektra, and GRP followed, and by the mid-'80s, Cobham was de-emphasizing his own bands in favor of session and sideman work. Even so, he continued to record for various small labels with some regularity.

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Dusko GojkovicDuško Gojković

Duško Gojković

Born in 1931 in Jajce ( Bosnia ), Dusko Goykovich [ trumpet, flugelhorn, composer] studied at the Music Academy in Belgrade from 1948 to 1953. As a youth he played with several jazz and dixie bands, mostly for dancing audiences and eventually on parties at the embassies of the capital. When the 18-year-old joined the Radio Big Band of Belgrade, he was considered a talented young jazz man who also can read music.

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The New York Ska-Jazz EnsembleSka-Jazz

The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble

The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble is exactly what its name suggests: a group of New York ska musicians dedicated to exploring the links between ska and jazz. The membership is all culled from top New York ska acts, making it something of a supergroup: leaders "Rocksteady" Freddie Reiter (saxophone, vocals) and Rick Faulkner (trombone, vocals) hail from the Toasters, as does drummer/lead vocalist Jonathan McCain, guitarist Devon James comes from the legendary Skatalites, and bassist Victor Rice and keyboardist Cary Brown play full-time with the Scofflaws. The group released its self-titled debut in 1995 to excellent reviews, and reconvened in 1997 to record the follow-up, Low Blow.

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The Rosenberg TrioRosenberg Trio

The Rosenberg Trio

There is no precise date when the Rosenberg Trio actually started to be a trio. Being kids of a very musical family they grew up with the music of Django Reinhardt. In 1974 Hans Meelen met for the first time members of the Sinti-community. Stochelo was 6 years old at that time.Hans started to play in the churches with Sani Rosenberg (the father of Nous'che and Nonnie), Wasso Grünholz (grandfather of Stochelo) and Storo Berger on violin.

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Le Mystere Des Voix BulgaresLe Mystere Voix

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares


The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir is an internationally renowned World music ensemble that blends traditional six-part a cappella repertoire with modern arrangements. It is most recognized under the recording name Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares . First created as the Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir in Bulgaria in 1952 by Philip Koutev, "the father of Bulgarian concert folk music," the choir is now under the direction of Dora Hristova. Koutev also created and conducted the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic in 1951.

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Gilles Peterson & Jose JamesGilles & Jose

Gilles Peterson & Jose James

Raised in South London by French/Swiss parents, radio jock, club DJ, and compiler Gilles Peterson grew up speaking French at home and English everywhere else. At 18, Peterson began DJing around London, ultimately spinning at the now-famous Dingwalls club in Camden. His sets covered the spectrum of urban music, from jazz to funk to soul and back to hip-hop. Out of this, Peterson co-founded the Acid Jazz label with some colleagues.

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Keiko BorjensonKeiko Borjenson

Keiko Borjeson

Keiko McNamara - Borjeson was born in Tokyo 1947. Three years old she started her piano lessons an she had her debut in Japanese TV five years old playing Für Elise. The legendary Kazuko Yasukawa – a relative to Keiko – was her teacher through all years. After graduated Bachelors of Arts, Classical piano, at Toho Gauken University, Tokyo. 1973 Keiko was graduated Chamber Music, advanced study at Siena Academica Quigiana, Italy. In 1976 she was graduated at Hurry Field School of Music, Los Angeles, USA and in 1980 she studied at Wayne State Music University.

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Rodney JonesRodney Jones

Rodney Jones

Biography by Scott Yanow
An underrated cool-toned guitarist who sounds at his best in straight-ahead settings, Rodney Jones had his highest visibility during his period with Dizzy Gillespie (1976-1979), when he was in his early twenties. Jones had previously worked with Jaki Byard and recorded with Chico Hamilton, and he would follow the association with Gillespie by working for a time as Lena Horne's accompanist. As a leader, Jones has recorded for Timeless (in 1978 and 1981), the RR label, and in the late '80s for Minor Music.

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Donald HarrisonDonald Harrison

Donald Harrison

Biography by Scott Yanow
A talented post-bop altoist with a personal, angular style, Donald Harrison came to fame with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers but has not become a major name in jazz despite his talent. He studied at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts with Ellis Marsalis, went to Berklee (1979-1980), worked with Roy Haynes and Jack McDuff, and was with Blakey during 1982-1984, sharing the front line with Terence Blanchard. Harrison and Blanchard co-led a group for a few years, recording frequently before they broke up their band. Donald Harrison returned to the Jazz Messengers for a few brief occasions, led his own groups, and recorded as a leader for Candid, making guest appearances on CTI sessions.

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Soon KimSoon Kim

Soon Kim

Born in 1964, jappanesse-korean origin mussician Soon Kim started playing saxophone at the age of 15. After graduating from high school, joined various bands playing rock, blues, reggae, and jazz. Moved to New York at the age 23, and associated with musicians including Chris Walker, Denardo Coleman and Mari Okubo. While living in New York took lessons from Ornette Coleman and Learned Harmolodic theory. Released CD “Non Transposed Music”. in 2005. Rereased CD "SOON KIM TRIO and QUARTET" from KONNEX. in 2007. Currently moved to Berlin, Germany and performing music that is a unique combination of Ornette's teaching and own ideas based on it.

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Hugo Siegmeth QuartetHugo Siegmeth

Hugo Siegmeth Quartet

Hugo Siegmeth(sax,bcl,cl,fl,comp.,arr.) was born in 1970 in Arad, Romania.
Studied jazz saxophone at Richard-Strauss Conservatory with Leszek Zadlo and Thomas Zoller (arrangement).
Hugo has worked as composer as well as arranger in various jazz bands. He has performed in Germany, Austria, France and USA, with Clark Terry, Claudio Roditi, Bobby Shew, Al Porcino and Peter Herbholzheimer.
Many years of experience in big bands, amongst these the Summit Jazz Orchestra, the Harald Rueschenbaum Orchestra, the Dusko-Goikovich Big Band and The Sunday Night Orchestra.

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Jan BangJan Bang

Sidsel Endersen & Jan Bang

Sidsel Endresen has been at the forefront of the Norwegian music-scene for more than two decades. Her work has spanned genres from “fusion” and “jazz-rock” in the 80's - to free improvisation and “new music” in the 90's and the new millennium. Through her two solo-records on ECM Records and her three duo-records with Bugge Wesseltoft - she has received wide international recognition and critical acclaim. In international media she has been labelled “the Grande Dame of Nordic,poetic chamber-jazz” and “Europe's most innovative jazz-singer” - yet she does not consider herself a “jazz-singer” in the strict sense of the term. She is influenced by many sources - including the ethnic and the contemporary vocal expressions.

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Jan Vaclav VanekJan Vaclav Vanek

Jan Vaclav Vanek

Autodidacte, very talented guitarist, composer and performer, Jan Vaclav Vanek is a real jazzman globe-trotter. Originally from the floor Mines (Haute-Saone), Franco-Czech still owns his house, attachment point between two adventures. Jan is a born musician, a virtuoso guitarist in the service of musical expressiveness. Everywhere he travels, he observes, listens and brings new sounds.
The power of his compositions, sometimes tribal, sometimes meditative, leaves in the minds of all those who listened to a souvenir filled with emotions.
His compositions are based on trends Afro-Cuban, Hindu, ethno, Czech or even Spanish. Guided by his intuition and his desires, he travelled all continents, from Canada to Tahiti, China to the USA, via India, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe, and so on...

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Tarhana & Teodosi Spasov

ATarhana is a tribe of musicians that is based in Amsterdam and founded by Sjahin During. They choose to blend the traditional Balkan and Oriental Flavours with Afro-Anatolian grooves. Spicing up Ottoman sound-scapes, digital Sufi grooves, Gypsy melodies, North African rhythms and sounds from these ancient cultures. Mr. Nitin Harsh, Mr. Neil Van Linden and Mr. Sjahin During did jointly the project “Back To The Roots”.
The project is based on the history of Gypsies. According the Historical facts it is well accepted that the gypsy tradition in all over the world has the roots to the Rajasthan and Punjab. The Musical collobartion with the Tarhana and Rajasthani Musicians were quite successful. They did three performance together in Jodhpur at the occasion of Marwar Festial and Jodhpur Rajasthan Intenational Folk Festival. In Nish, Tarhana`s associates will be Theodosii Spasov music genius from Bulgaria and some mussicans from Serbia.

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Orchestre International Du VetexDu Vetex

Orchestre International Du Vetex

Brass Bend (with acordeon, violin and percussions) consists of musican, mostly from Belgium and France. They combine music of Balkan, Midlle East with impacts of modern New Orleans traditions (Lester Bowie`s Brass fantasy & Dirty dozen brass band) and city orchestras of mid Europe.
P.J. De Backer - Grooves / Thomas Morzewski - Trompet & componist / Tony Decruyenaere - Snare Drum / Jan Cuvelier - Bugle / Matthieu Levecque - Mammat Trompet / Annelies Remaut (Bolle) - Percussie / Jean-Baptiste Lison - Accordéon / Michiel Deblauwe - Klarinet / Jacob Willem - Bariton Sax / Loes Coolen - Flute / Ruben Deprez - Trombone / Tomas Bulcaen - Trombone / Ine Deblauwe - Flute / Benoît Blanc - Trombone / Fred Duret - Suzaphone / Tom Lampaert - Trompet / Maxime Catteloin - Percussions / Juliette Bastin - Clarinete / Lionel Raepsaet - Sax Alto.

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Leb i Sol & Dado TopićLeb i Sol

Leb i Sol & Dado Topić

Leb i sol is a Macedonian rock group founded in the 1970s by Vlatko Stefanovski (guitar), Bodan Arsovski (bass guitar), Nikola Kokan Dimuševski (keyboards) and Garabet Tavitjan (drums). Tavitjan ceded the drumwork to Dragoljub Đuricic for some of the albums, while Kiril Džajkovski replaced Kokan on Kao Kakao and Putujemo. Beside being the most eminent Macedonian band, they were also one of the most important acts of the former Yugoslav Rock scene.

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The Belgrade Dixieland OrchestraDixieland

The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra

The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra was founded in 2001 as we entered into a new millennium. Just when everybody thought that this wonderful type of jazz had forever died out in Serbia, some strong force kindled eight brave people to save from oblivion and keep this wonderful and winsome music from the turn of the last century alive for the public.
From this faint, lonely and shimmering light of hope, The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra quickly grew into an important cultural institution in Serbia’s capital, becoming the unique representative of this musical form in the country. Orchestra is directly responsible for the Dixieland's triumphant revival from the foundations built for decades by jazzmen from the Balkans.

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Dixie PogonDixie Pogon

Dixie Pogon

Band Dixie pogon from Nis formed in 1992. by one of the pioneers of Serbian music scene, drummer Ziza Mladenovic, have kept the flame of dixieland music during the hardest years in Serbia. After few years, the band is reunited with Miki Milic (tp), Dragan Milovanovic (tb), Andrija Ciric (cl), Saša Salimovic (p), Vlada Karadžov (b) and the oldest dixielander in Nis banjo player Vicko Nikolic, member of legendary band - Doly 65.

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Sounds of SouthSounds of South

Sounds of South

Gipsys from west and mid Europe are developing original jazz style since 30`s, thanks to great Django Reinhardt. On Balkan, something like that starts with legacy of Saban Bajramovic like a pole-star, and bands like Sound of south.

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Plan 9 & DJ Funkie JunkiePlan 9

Plan 9 & DJ Funkie Junkie

The band exists for about five years.An excellent club band, that had its shows all over Serbia.Each of the musicians has a large musical biography, which guaranties the quality of the music.Rich improvisational skills of the individuals do not exclude the sense of belonging to the band. Guided by love towards music, this band educated the youth by presenting high quality non commercial music which is becoming ever more popular. The changes of the members of the band, influences of the musicians that were playing in this band had its way to this cover band repertoire. Even if the music of this band is cover (not their own), Plan 9 has a recognizable sound, a unique authenticity's and energy which needs to be experienced.

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City Band & Ian SiegalIan Siegal

City Band & Ian Siegal


City band from Nis is one of the most insistently blues groups from Serbia. Like Feniks, the bend had several successful comebacks. They opened show for famous Blues Brothers in Bulgaria, collaborated with Hans Theisink, and one of the best harp player in Europe, Pera Joe put few songs with City band on his last album.


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"..In short, if Steely Dan and Steve Vai had been born Egyptian and raised on oriental folk music, this is the sound they might make.."
The Herald Tribune (The Daily Star)
Eftekasat Jazz Group was established in late 2001 and gave its debut performance in February 2002 at the Cairo Jazz Club Festival. The show was acclaimed as unique and original.