• Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union ft. Mike Stern
    10. 08. 2017.
  • Alpha Blondy & Solar system headliner druge večeri
  • Punokrvni funk u ženskom bas ključu
    Nick West na Nišvilu
  • Legendarni bubnjar odaje počast Čarliju Parkeru
    Al Foster Quintet na Nišvillu
  • Candy Dulfer zatvara Nišville 2017.
  • Patti Austin – Elli u čast!
    Nišville 2017 slavi dve velike pevačice

10 - 13. AVGUST 2017

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art to go jazzy

The contest ART TO GO JAZZY is completed

Nišville Foundation and the Association of Artist ARTEF are informing you that competition for the first art colonization of Niš Fortress named "ART TO GO JAZZY" is completed. We appealed to young artists up to 36 years which are expressing in the form of sculptures and paintings.

For 18 days of the competition, 36 applications were received. The selection of submitted works was performed by prof. Perica Donkov, one of the artists whose studio was burned down, and also by Director of Nišville jazz festival Ivan Blagojevic. They did selection by different sensibilities and orientation with intention to contribute to the quality and importance of realization the idea of multiculturalism, and multi universalism, and different expressions and forms in one place.
Three sculptors and eleven painters will participate in the official program of art colonization.The sculptors are: Vladimir Zaharijević, Gorski Kabadaja and Marko Veljkovic. Painters from Serbia are: Aleksandra Branković, Aleksandra Lekic, Danijel Jokimovski, Dragana Grujičić, Ivan Mitić, Lazar Šošević and Sava Mišić. Macedonia will be represented by Ana Jovanovska, Bulgaria by Nevena Lefterova and Vesela Petrova and in front of Georgia we are expecting Ana Lagidze. This year's guest is Dr Aleksandra Mirić architect - conservationist.
Production of works of art and the creative process you can follow in the course of Nišville jazz festival in the third corridor of Nis Fortress and in front of the burned-out art studios.
We emphasize that the idea for the venue of the colony originated from the need to draw attention to the burned out art studios that stand from 2003 as ugly reminder of the attitude and the way in which the competent institutions treat artists and authors with reputation of prominent artists whose works were burned along with the walls.
The motive for this project is primarily the engagement of young educated artists to create space for their own promotion and actualization of art as well the presentation of art outside the gallery space. Cooperation of artists gathered together in one place will result in the exchange of experiences during open discussions about art and culture today, about environment and consumers of culture and about necessary need for implementation high-quality art culture in all spheres of our society.
We are expecting from our participants to adapt their work to the idea of the festival. Thematic determinant is jazz as the freedom of artistic expression, hence the name of the project "ART TO GO JAZZY ". To the involved authors we will give the promotion through the exhibition, and in the coming years their work will serve for a prize fund of the festival , where each will receive confirmation who owns their work.


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