From 10.08.2017  Tickets Available on Stand Near Earth/Sky Stage

Full Pass Ticket

Full Pass Ticket

Buy tickets for Nišville Jazz Festival 2017 and don’t miss Candy Dulfer, Al Foster, Alpha Blondie, Tom Harrell, Tony Momrelle, Rambo Amadeus. You can buy online tickets on Eventim.

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Price: 40 Euros

One day Tickets

One Day Ticket

If you prefer to listen only to a part of our headliners you can buy one day ticket for Nišville Jazz Festival. One day ticket grants you have full access to all stages for one day. You can buy the ticket online using online paying system Eventim.

Cena: 15 Euros

Half Pass Ticket

 Half Pass Ticket

10.08 – 11.08

12.08 – 13.08

ou can be a part of Nišville Jazz Festival experience for two days only if choose so. Ticket includes the pass for all Nišville Stages for two days. You can buy an online ticket on Eventima . 

Price: 25 euros


VIP - Nišville Jazz Festival

Vip Ticket

If you want to fully experience every performance on Nišville, this is right ticket for you. The best seats are reserved for the owners of the VIP Tickets. The sound is the best in these seats. Besides full access to all stages, VIP tickets also include a wide range of beverages and snacks in the bar. You can buy online tickets on Eventim.

Price: 50 Euros

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