SECOND ROUND OF PROMO PRICES FOR NISVILLE JAZZ FESTIVAL 2018 TICKET SETS The 35 th international Nišville jazz festival 2018 will be held from 3 rd to 12 th of August, with the main festival programs to be held from 9 th until 12th of August 2018 at the Fortress of Niš. A total of 1000 participants will be performing at 250 shows on 20 different stages and scenes. The tickets for 25 concerts at the main stage (Earth & Sky Stage), from January 22nd, 2018 will be sold at the price of 17 Euro. The ticket set will be also for the Midnight Jazzdance Stage, where eminent world and local DJs will perform. The purchased sets will also be valid for the Nišville Jazz Theater festival, as well as for the Nišville Movie Summit. Otherwise, the price of the set immediately prior to the festival will be 35 Euro and the individual ticket will cost 13 Euro. The number of promo tickets is limited and a special discount of 50% for the sets will be valid until the end of the contingent sale. Tickets can be purchased at all CS Eventim stores in Serbia and abroad, as well as online at nis-niska- tvrdava- 474116/event.html CS Eventim stores: The organizers emphasize that the ticket set is valid for one person only. The tickets are exchanged for a special festival bracelet at the festival entrance. More information at

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