Thursday, 08. 08.

  1. Tal Babitzki trio (Izrael/Srbija)
  2. B-3 + One (Beograd/Leskovac)
  3. Mauro Sigura (Italija)
  4. Hashima (Beograd)

Friday, 09.08.

  1. Jay Delver (Slovakia)
  2. Bohemija (Niš)
  3. Trio of Gravity (Greece)
  4. FUMMQ (Germany)

Saturday, 10.08.

  1. Zašto Kafka (Pančevo)
  2. Sunday stories (Sarajevo)
  3. Sašo Popovski trio (Makedonija)
  4. Purple is the color (Austrija/Češka)

Sunday, 11. 08.

  1. 4TH Element (Indija)
  2. Majdan (Niš)
  3. RAME (Italia)
  4. Autocorrect (Beograd)

Open Stage

Follow up program – Free entrance!

Dedicated to a modern music The Open stage is positioned behind the Pavilion in the Fortress, right past the entrance gate of the Fortress, behind the press center. The audience area is equipped with video walls, an information desk, and refreshment bar. The sitting capacity is 150 seats, and there is also standing room for about 1,000 people.
The program starts at 8 p.m. and finishes sometime after midnight.


  018 533 022
Dušanova 19, Niš 18 000