Jazz for Kids

Jazz 4 Kids –  Follow up program – The open area above Fortress Amphitheatre

Jazz 4 Kids is dedicated to the youngest of jazz lovers, performers and fans alike.

For this stage, a pass is not required, but with it – you will have free internet access.

Jazz 4 Kids stage is positioned right above the open-air cinema in a beautiful part of the Fortress, with a breathtaking view of the city and a play park for children. This stage is a part of Nišville Foundation’s mission to raise awareness about jazz as an art form, both in children as well as adults. By bringing jazz closer to the general public, we want to help children develop a habit of listening to quality music from an early age.

The program starts at 5 p.m. and finishes around 8 p.m.

Jazz 4 Kids stage hosts young, promising musicians who want to experience the joy of playing at festivals early on in their career.

The audience area has the capacity of 100 seats, and there is also a lot of standing room.

Jazz for Kids 09.08.2018

Nisville Jazz Theater



Jazz for Kids 10.08.2018

Nisville Jazz Theater

Hor OŠ Ivo Andrić

Dedina Garaža

Jazz for Kids 11.08.2018

Nisville Jazz Theater

Art Centar

Dečiji hor Sanjalice

Jazz for Kids 12.08.2018

Nisville Jazz Theater