Gernika - Nišville Jazz Theatar
Gernika - Nišville Jazz Theatar
Gernika - Nišville Jazz Theatar
Gernika - Nišville Jazz Theatar

Theatre En Vol,represents one of the most significant experiences of Italian street theatre. With its imaginative capsizing and engaging performances, in which the actors and the amazing theatrical machines are the mediators of dreamlike voyages and fantastic suggestions, the company has gained recognition all over Europe. As a point of reference for young actors and as a source of ideas for the realization of important events such as “Girovagando” and “Sogni a Spazi Aperti”, and thanks to its important activity, the company has given an irreplaceable, substantial and profound contribution to street arts.

About Show

GERNIKA theatrical action in four movements

The performance is the result of several years of work and research, based on suggestions associated to the masterpiece of Picasso’s famous painting as well as to many other images recalling everyday life in a city that witnesses the destruction of its purity by the brutality of a cynical and unexpected attack. It is a ‘silent’ performance, in which up to 12 actors/musicians perform by means of body language and movement. Their movements and actions follow a soundtrack, composed by the magnificent verses of the contemporary Italian poetess, Maria Grazia Calandrone, recited in Italian, Spanish, French and German and by a highly effective choice of music pieces. “Gernika” is a performance recommended for a broad spectrum of audience: it is a moving performance, emotional and rich with cues both for the understanding of Picasso’s work of art, and for current historical events.

Director: Maria Paola Cordella


Johanna Bachmayr-Heyda

Ben Castelli

Maria Paola Cordella

Samuele Dore

Michèle Kramers

Gianluca Leonardi

Naima Savioli

Puccio Savioli

Matthias Ulfeng

Bratislava Milic

Anđela Popvić


Dimitrije Mandić

Costumes and stage management:

Claudia Spina

Costumes: Claudia Spina, Gianluca Melis;

Stage Machinery and Pyrotechnic Project; Puccio Savioli

Stagecraft: Massimo Casada

Narrating Voices: Maria Paola Cordella, Ben Castelli, Michèle Kramers, Raphael


Sound: Alfredo Puglia

Text: Maria Grazia Calandrone

With the precious collaboration of: The Gernika Center, Gogoratuz, Gernika.