Forbidden evil

 Чужое зло / Forbidden evil

Format: Experimental full-length feature, fiction

Genre: Auteur social drama, satire, parody

Director: Anna Troyanskaya

Script writer: Yan Kivestky

Director of photography: Vasily Kostovestky, Alexandre Sobolevsky

Sound Director: Pavel Fomin

Film Cutter: Anastasyay Hvette

Composer: Arseny Trofim

Starring: Vyacheslav Drobinkov, Angelina Kuznetsova, Nicolay Evtushenko, Anna Troyanskaya, Konstantin Melnikov, Roman Scherba

Duration: 87 minutes.

Subtitles: English, German, French versions

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Foreign Titles

English Forbidden evil

German Das fremde Böse


The pretty girl (Lena) from a simple family convinces the husband-drunk (Max) to plunder the glamour owner of club (Usman) which had with him an intimate relaintship and he has disappeared from her after. This robbery leads to the bloody end for all heroes.


Hunger for others’ life and gains misguide many. Silly and shallow dreams leave no other options. The movie characters are the lost sheep misled by the society and the spirit of their time into the evil path. A kind-hearted police-girl looks a fly in milk as if she was a guardian angel descended from heaven. Can a single gentle soul stand up against the course of tragic events?