Nišville & Artef

Art to go Jazzy

Artists from Serbia and other countries in the world represent the idea of multiculturalism and connection between different forms and expressions in one place. The motive for starting this segment at the festival lies primarily in the engagement of young, educated visual artists creating space for their further promotion and actualization of fine arts in general, as well as its presentation outside the gallery space. Cooperation of artists coming from different areas all in one place results in exchanging experiences, open debates about today’s art and culture, ambiance and consumers of culture and necessary need for implementation of world-class art and culture in all pores of our society. Part of the everyday program of the artist residency is evening exhibitions where visitors can learn the process of creating an art piece. In addition to the artist residency, the ARTEF team also manages the space in front of the former studio with art installations, which make the area look like the Niš Montmartre, current, but we hope in the future also.