Antonis  Diamantis is an actor and Director  .He is founder and Artistic

Director of Omma Studio theatre (1996, Athens) Studied in the Drama 

School of the Conservatory of  Athens and  Philosophy in the University

of Athens . He has direct over 40 performances  with Omma Studio

theatre has organize and participate in theatre  workshops, theatre

Festivals in Athens and Crete (Heraklion) and  in many countries, has

translate and published books by Thomas Richards and Eugenio Barba and

leads two  European Projects,-“Caravan Next ” and “Erasmus+” -in Omma

Studio theatre .


The  workshop will refers tothe technics of the street theatre or 

the spectacle in open  air. The  participants  will join a “real’

procedure of rehearsing  fragments of the street theatre performance 

“Orpheus and Eurydice” by Omma Studio theatre. The work will refers to

physical actions, acrobatics, inter-actions and  the relation between 

action and  music  since  will join live  music. The participants  should

know a poem and  a  song.