NeptunKujna, Belgrade, Serbia

Title: „The Touch“

Place: Amphitheater

Time: 20h

Tickets: Free

Performance: Butoh performance “DODIR –The Touch” deals with the body in the digital era with the basic idea: “Every body is a perfect body”. “The Touch” is the confrontation between beautiful and ugly,  black and white, the inner and the outer, the good and the bad, as well as anything else, and one of them, the surplus and the missing. Buto is a dark game, “dance of darkness”, where we touch each other in beauty and fear, there we find what we already know through “weird, dark and perverse”.

About the troup: NeptunKujna is composed of two permanent members Klaudia Saric-Marić Andrejević Erkman and Goran ORGE Nikolic, with occasional members, Ex Yu Nindja and Bora Longa Pavićević. The troupe was created in 2016. Performances highlights: Festival 9 – Old Brickyard, Belgrade; Šumes-Family of clear streams-Rudnik; Psychedelical fair-Imago, ĆUK-Belgrade; ŠTAB-Gallery Belgrade; Heavy Industry Enthusiasts Club -Belgrade; Center for Balance-Belgrade; UK Parobrod-Belgrade.


Klaudia Šarić-Marić

Goran Orge Nikolić