Place: National theatre Niš

Date: 6.8.2018

Time: 20h

Tickets: 500 rsd

2 tickets 50% for bout 700,00 din

STA, Shangai, China

STA is a prestigious academy for performing arts in the Asian continent, Shanghai, China, was founded in 1945. Their motto is exclusiveness, superior perfection, and beauty. This is an elite university sponsored by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and the city of Shanghai. These young specialized artists start education very early 12-18 year old, because of the complexity of Chinese operas, continuing education for 4 more years of this Academy. We will have the opportunity to see just young finished by education professionals who work to foster national resources combined with contemporary theatrical expression.


About performance

The legend of the White Lady is the Chinese legend and explores the theme of true love and the possibility of eternal life. White Snake, which is transformed into a young woman, married Xu Xian, human Being …. After a few years, Xu Xian was very old, White Snake is not, she is immortal…Can she still recognize him? The show explores all the possibilities of physical expression in motion and plays through both poetry. At present the benefits of modern and traditional music, physical theater element, monologue, Chinese traditional opera and modern dance.



is a comprehensive university of performing arts, with a focus on theater training and studies and a history of almost 70 years. Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of China and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and reporting to the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, STA is one of the best art institutions of higher education in China. After decades of development, STA has grown from a single discipline school into an outstanding comprehensive university of performing arts in China.


Performance: “Legend of Lady White”


The White Snake is adapted from Chinese traditional classical legend and explores the subject about whether true love can remain eternal in the world. The white snake, who once transforms herself into a young woman and married XU Xian, a real human, freed from Leifeng Pagoda. The white snake can be immortal but XU Xian is very old after several years of separation. Can she still recognize him?


Performers explore all possibilities of body expression in acting and create a body with poetic beauty. The body movements are full of imagery, abstract and real at the same time. Actors and actresses improvise to express characters’ minds and create the space around. Accompanied by classic and contemporary music, the stage is presented by a combination of multiple elements like the moving body, brief monologue, Chinese traditional opera and modern dance.

Director: Xiao Ying

Performers: Xiao Lu

Tian Xiwei

Fang Yangfei

Liang Guodong

Zhao Jingyi

Luan Xiaojun

Zhang Jingfen

Wang Ke

Wang Zixuan