Place: Fortress- starts from Open Stage


Date: 5.08.2018


Time: 19h


is an ensemble of artists dedicated to creating meticulously LIVE theater in New Orleans. It was founded in 1995 by Kathy Randels. In its way of work, it bears a resemblance to works of Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Dah Theater. They are dealing with burning topics of todays soiciety, working with youth and students. Many award winners in USA, but internationally as well.



Mondo Bizarro

is a New Orleans-based company that has been creating daring, multidisciplinary art. Founded eleven years ago. Through their work, they are recognized as the keepers of old stories and knowledge by means of vocal ways.



Performance: “CRY YOU ONE”

Celebration of and narrative about people and cultures of South Louisiana, while in the same time sharply criticizing ecological crisis of Pacific coast, that it has been evolving day by day in this part of United States of America. The performance is a result of almost eighteen months of research and practice. Premiered in autumn in 2013, as a procession of four kilometers through which you can see and hear poetry, song, music and drama situation. It is performed by “traveling” through the whole city that than becomes one huge stage. Everything is happening in the dusk of a day, remembering the old days when the stories where told around campfire, when the day slowly enters the night. Imagine a play, which can inspire you so much, that it makes you wish to take a part in saving endangered natural beauties of our planet.

Director: Kathy Randels

Music director: Sean LaRocca


William Bowling

Forest Huval

Zohar Israel

Emma Randels-LaRocca

Lisa Shattuck

Monique Verdin