Introduction of workshop by Xiao Ying


The workshop is about acting training with Chinese characteristics. Performers are trained to learn how to use body expression in situation of play that goes beyond the reality by imagery and virtuality. It focuses on body movement techniques and how the body motivates and combines with the mind to achieve harmony and charm in acting which should be real and spontaneous. The body created is full of poetic beauty. The elements in Chinese traditional acting are about the freedom of expression, highly simplified, expressive, abstract and virtual.

Xiao Ying, Vice Dean, Associate Professor of Acting Department and supervisor of postgraduate program at Shanghai Theatre Academy, was casted in all kinds of roles in many film, TV and drama plays. She once participated in performances and exchanges of International Experimental Festivals in US, Italy, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.

She has published many academic papers in national publications and won many awards, like the First Prize for her directing work The Caucasian Chalk Circle in International Acting Teaching Exchange organized by UNESCO, the First Prize for Acting in Xiqu (Beijing Opera) Competition in Shanxi Province and five provinces in northwestern China, and the “Golden Delta Award” for Acting hosted by Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China, etc.