PLACE: Amphitheater or National theatre Niš




TICKETS: 500 rsd



Was founded in 1868 . year, and in the present building, in the place of the then Stambol Gate , moved in 1869 . years. Within it the artistic units Opera , Ballet and Drama are functioning , and performances are performed on the Great Scene and the ” Raša Plaović ” scene . Today it is one of the most representative and most important cultural institutions of Serbia.



„BOLYWOOD“ Note by the author about performance


Life of citizens in a small town near the border is interrupted by sudden news: a great Bollywood producer is coming to buy a small factory and open a big Bollywood studio there. This would result in many job opportunities, which is something that does not happen often is such a small town.  The sudden news brought excitement amongst actors in the theatre, who decide to organize a recital, thus hoping to increase their chances of getting roles in a future Bollywood spectacle. The town is united by a common idea and collective enthusiasm, but life takes its own course – full of unexpected events. Through this fairytale-like utopia of Bollywood’s arrival to our country, we tell the story about all of us and about the things we are prepared to do when better future becomes a prospect. Bollywood’s arrival thus becomes the background for the story about collapse of industry, xenophobia, disreputable privatization process, false worlds, while everything has been portrayed through song and dance under the slogan ‘if they don’t have bread, let them eat cake.’

DIRECTOR: Maja Pelević

COMPOSER: Anja Đorđević


SET DESIGNER: Igor Vasiljev

COSTUME DESIGNER: Marina Vukasović Medenica


PERFORMERS: Miloš Đorđević

Jelena Đokić

Danijela Ugrenović

Suzana Lukić

Pavle Jerinić

Bojana Đurašković



MUSICANS: Nevena Pejčić

Aleksandar Solunac

Danilo Tiraninić