Performance: The Blue Elephant- Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre company – Cairo Opera House

Place: Amhiteatar

Date  3.08.2018

Time: 21h
Tickets: free enter


is the first of its kind in the Arab world and has achieved major success with treating topics that deal with arts in Egypt, Arabic civilization and others.

The Company was founded in 1993 at the Cairo Opera House .It presented more than 26 performances and participated in many international festivals. The Company participated in various international, European, USA, China, Korea and Arab tours and  festivals and received many prizes including the ITI Prize in Germany.

Performance : ” The Blue Elephant” is a performance based on a novel by the young Egyptian novelist, Ahmed Mourad who succeeded in enticing many youths to the activity of reading. The novel is full of dreams and magic forcing everyone who reads it to unleash his imagination. I am glad to turn this great artistic work to a Modern Dance performance.

Choreographer & Director : Monadel  Anter Gomaa

Writen by: Ahmed Mourad

Artistic assistant: Amr Atef Abd El- Aziz


Assistant of coreographer: Mohamed Abd EL-Aziz

Costumes designer: Hala Mahmoud

Light & Set designer: Amr  El Ashraf


Performed by:

Mohamed Abd EL-Aziz

Amr Ahmed Salah

Rasha Hanfy Awaad

Mohamed Moustafa Abd

Mohamed Sayed Mahmoud

Mannat Mahmoud Mohamed

Fatma Moubark Salam

Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

Hala Hassan Emam

Mahmoud Moustaf Ahmed