<h3>Place:  The performance starts on the main geat of Fortress, going on bridge and perform on Welcome stage (kod česme)</h3>

<h3>Date  3.08.2018</h3>

<h3>Time 20h</h3>

<h3>Tickets: free entry</h3>

“Omma” theatre group was founded in 1991 in Athens. In 1996, changed the name  into “Omma Studio” and in  2000 they moved to Heraclion, Creta. They usually perform in non-theatrical spaces, in old storehouses, abandoned buildings, old schools, in Greece and abroad.

“Omma”, in the ancient Greek language, means eye as well as glance.

We named our theatre “Space Theatre”, because we are trying to “change” space and time with our presence.


Performance: Orpheus & Eurydice

is a street performance about the Ancient Greek Myth, and includes all the elements that compose one street performance: acrobatics, fires, stilts, music, songs and mime.

The story is about the first musician, half-God Orpheus, who does not get afraid of going, all alone with his musical instrument, lyre, down to Hades, to fight with Death. It is a story about the beginning of music, and a story that glory love. The music of this performance makes a trip in all over the world. Songs from Greece, China, Japan, India, Russia, Ireland, Serbia, Bali, Georgia, Italy, etc. accompany the actors and their actions, which are based in the Anthropological Theatre.

Dramatized by and  Direction : Antonis Diamantis

Costumes/Set : OMMA STUDIO

Assistant Director: Irene Koutsaki

A production of OMMA STUDIO

Performed by:

Irene  KoutsaKi

Antonis Diamantis

Vangelis Liodakis

Myrto papadopoulou

Aggeliki Deligianni

Anđela Popović


Dimitrije Mandić – violin, Dušan Ćuraković – el. piano, Mateja Jezdić – kavala, Milorad Mančić –     percussion (tarabuka)