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Nemanja Maraš was born in Belgrade in 1989, where he got his BA Degree in photography from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department for Applied Graphics, Photography.

He has been working as a fashion photographer since 2006, and in 2008 he started working in experimental and conceptual art. So far he has cooperated with many fashion designers, musicians, actors, publishing and fashion agencies, as well as with humanitarian and non-governmental organizations.

Since 2014, he has been a member of ULUPUDS. He has had eight solo exhibitions, has participated in two world students photography biennales as well as in a number of group exhibitions. At the moment he is a freelancer and a professor at The Dance Institute in Belgrade.


All photographs of ballet artists from the “Apres” monograph, by Nemanja Maraš, were created in time after the ballet performance, just after the curtain was lowered. However, by all the signs of the emotional and physical status of the artist, the end of the artistic event is beyond the picture, but its natural continuation – the time of analysis, upgrading and maturing of the dance potential.

The idea of Docent Nemanja Maraš to shoot, immediately after the ballet or dance show, before the players become aware of their faces being shot so that the position of their bodies is original and unique in the history of our photography. Deciding on this undertaking, that is the right word, he did not realize how painful, exhausting and long-lasting the way of the realization of the idea is. And responsible, because who dares to uninvited take a look into the intimate world of another being, when the one is not aware? If this attempt succeeds, there is justification for this little cunning act, because for the viewers – and I knowingly say the readers – there is a portrait, a documentation of just how much the illusion expensive is.

This portrait anthology will teach us not only to admire the flash of light from the stage but also to devote great and well-earned respect to those who bring us into the realm of dreams through their spirit and body.

DATE: 03.08.2018


TIME: 19h